GLOBALISM IS DEATH- American Apparel PL401W Sublimation T-Shirt

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Worldwide Socialist central planning, centralized power, open borders, Leftist Postmodernist academia, Big Tech Censorship, the denial of universal moral values, the rejection of Natural Law Principles, the rejection of science, of order, and of nature, race-baiting, nihilism, atheism, moral relativity, cultural relativity, identity politics, grievance politics, victimhood politics, political correctness, Christian persecution, group-think, Fake News, obscuration of crime statistics, forcibly promoted social corruption and division, deconstruction of the arts and tradition, the baneful utilization of the IRS to intimidate Constitutionalists and Tea-Party members, the Postmodernist self-aggrandising strategic reconstruction of History, the destruction of the family, the blatant psychological projection of overt Democrat criminality upon their political opposition, the destruction of the U.S. Constitution, the purposeful creation of inner-city prisons, smug psuedo-intellectualism, the intentional promotion of race warfare, the forced third world immigration of socialist voters and destructive incompatible cultures, rejection of the very concept of incompatible cultures, solipsism, gun-grabbing, illegal alien voting, promotion of hedonism, grievance politics, slavery reparations, homosexual reparations, student debt forgiveness, false-flags, hate crime hoaxing, the utilization of the Hegelian dialectic, endless war, socialized medicine, slave-like worship of the Deep State, election tampering, support of overtly racist BLM, rejection of the concept of the presumption of innocence, the blind demonization of ideological opposition, denial of free speech, mass surveillance, fiat currency, political scientism, centralized banking, materialism, consumerism, Orwellian censorship, envy as a virtue, the contrived political delusion of anthropogenic Global Warming, market manipulation, compulsory language, propagation of fear-induced social engineering tactics, Leftist mainstream media false and biased polling, the denial of virtue, over-sexualization of children, deceased Democrat voters voting, the promotion of gender warfare, taxation inundation, overwrought government growth, acceptance of pedophilia, restrictive government regulations, flag-shaming, support of the racist group La Raza, hormone-blockers for pre-adolescent children, absurd anti-human Nazi-branding of Trump supporters and conservatives, outrage as a virtue, sexual deviance as a virtue, third world nation resource-stripping, left-wing Hollywood, Communism lightly-veiled as Feminism, crooked Left-wing Socialist judges, eugenics, hate-crime hoaxing, the denial of compassion, r-selection, purposeful cultural regression, America-shaming, the denial of fundamental biological empirical reality, misandry, the forced homogeny and enslavement of all human culture, endless worldwide war, support of the domestic terrorist group Antifa, the propagation of societal violence, Control System worship, transgenderism, fifty-plus imaginary genders, far-left-wing militarized celebrities, the absurd and baseless persecution of Caucasians and the blind supplication to the Leftist race-based social hierarchy, the use of the instrument of government as a political tool, the purposeful degradation and feminization of masculinity, Cultural Marxism, selfishness as a virtue, the rejection of Care, organized and financed inner-city rioting, Central Banking, open borders, the reawakening of African Slavery in Libya, the repudiation of the Golden Rule, hatred of Capitalism, late-term abortion, the continuous infantile-obsession with the Democratic contrivance of "Russian/Collusion" (even AFTER it has been dismissed by the Mueller Investigation and the U.S. Attorney General), the actual genuine Russian Collusion of Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration, the attempt to control the general election and impeach a duly elected President with purchased false-information from foreign agents, the propagation of impossible and anti-human Socialism at ALL costs, and the utter and profound denial of Truth itself, amounts only to one single incontrovertible fact: GLOBALISM IS A LEFTIST DEATH CULT.



A comfortable and lightweight 100% Polyester t-shirt, made of a fine count yarn for a super silky feel.

• 100% polyester construction
• 30 Singles
• Durable rib neckband

Size guide

Chest (inches) 30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 48-50
Waist (inches) 28-30 30-32 32-33 33-34 36-38 40-42