EYE AM ARGUS- Photo paper poster

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Argus Ink is named after Argus Panoptes, the multi-eyed giant bodyguard of Zeus's wife, Hera. The ancient Greek fable of Argus depicts how peacocks attained the familiar and beautiful eyeball patterns on their tailfeathers in honor of his memory. [See my description of the illustration ARGUS PEACOCK for a detailed description of this Greek fable.]

Argus serves as a symbol for awareness, self-actualization, and the necessary protection humanity needs from the fallen and lost collectivistic souls within our consensus reality. These corrupt and deeply sleeping beings which desire (in a profound error inspired by a combination of ignorance, a lust for power, an unquenchable thirst for free stuff, and the fear-based false-image of emotional and physical security) to convert internal human free will into fuel for expanding totalitarian government power, size, and control. To Argus Ink, the many eyes of Argus clearly see these elements and strategies of the ever-evolving and increasingly technological External Control System. A corrupt and anti-human system that desires to feed off the ignorance, emotion, and distraction of mass consciousness...and then grow itself into a false-god, owner, controller, and warden of humankind through the intentional projection of a truly Satanic false-reality.

The eyes composing Argus Panoptes's entire body represent the expanding population of awakened individuals working together in an unspoken unified effort to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our country, and the future of our species from the enemies of humanity, objective morality, reason, and non-relativistic Truth. Argus's skin of eyeballs symbolizes the loving desire of those awakened free individuals among us to work together to sternly nudge others toward ALSO rising from the Illusion of External Authority. Argus's sole (soul) desire to consume and then representationally become, via the self-actualization of each individual, the loving, awakened, and sovereign eyes of all humanity. Argus serves as the eternal internal protector of innate and individual human free-will, creativity, reason, and the very principles of Universal Natural Law which eternally bind reality and all consciousness together into the rule of our world and its progenitor, the Universe.

The American Giant that awakened after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 represents a smaller fractal of father Argus, the Giant of Western Civilization. The mass-indoctrination, violence, hysteria, normalization of left-wing identity politics infused race-hatred, corporate/globalist fake news, Big Tech censorship, and the purposely cultivated general lawlessness that has exponentially snowballed since the anti-human Establishment Control System lost a rigged election in 2016, have awakened this massive giant forever. Fortunately, unlike its eternal opposition, collectivism and vile anti-human Leftist Ideology, Argus does not fight with violence, fear, and mass psychological deception. Argus fights with reason, care, love, and the recognition of our ultimate higher unity. As such, Argus embodies the spirit of the traditional motto of our great nation: "E Pluribus Unum." Out of many, ONE.


This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

• 10 mil thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant