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The few existing companies that own and operate the mainstream media and entertainment industrial complexes in America are multi-national Globalist corporations that we can quickly count on one single hand without even using the thumb. The nefarious web of intricate and intimate connections between these multi-national monopolies and the Left-wing Globalist entities within government can be apprehended most lucidly when understood that both the Socialism-loving political-class and global multi-national corporations, by their very nature, unwaveringly must appeal to the broadest possible market for the greatest exposure and control. The most massive market on Earth is the Globe itself. The Hydra of Globalism has many arms with which to scratch its own back and feed its head. The power-hungry, overgrown, and expansive Control System and multinational Globalist corporations are just two of this beast's multitudinous tentacles which insinuate themselves into our society and our minds. The free markets and people of evolved and sovereign nations serve as roadblocks to the dark desires of the elite Leftist Globalists and the establishment narrative they spew through the machine of the Left-wing corporate mainstream news media. So, as an aspect of their global marketing plan, lust for worldwide Socialism, and their eternal war with reality, these vile forces of the Left debase, slander, and attack The United States of America and Western Culture incessantly. 

There are two ways to create change within society: Through the appeal to logic, reason, and evidence, or through the appeal to sophistry and deception. We trust the systems and networks of our mainstream news media to follow the first way. We trust the MSM news media to give us only facts and not deception-based and biased political manipulations. This perceived public trust in their integrity is the MSM's ONLY currency. However, it has become irrefutable that the MSM networks have long ago taken this trust for granted and are interested only in creating political change within society through the second method mentioned above: the blatant appeal to sophistry and deception. Fake News creates a fake world composed of fake talking heads spewing neurolinguistic programming, fake polling, Orwellian word-plays, flagrant lies, American-value shaming, Socialism promoting, capitalism demonization, manipulated social statistics of every possible order, manipulative editing, green screen special effects, staged reporting, and deception by exclusion. They are not at all interested in reporting the news. They are only interested in the manipulation of public opinion in favor of Anti-Americanism, Globalism, Socialism, and the blatant, tell-tale, left-wing Cultural Marxist tactics that these violent false dreams necessitate for their continuation in time. The Mainstream News Media is merely corporate Fake News and vile, debased, Left-wing-Establishment-Control-System propaganda. It is American Pravda. Without our currency of TRUST, the Fake News reporting of the mainstream news media is now utterly bankrupt in 2018 and evermore.

The left-leaning political bias of the corporate Fake News outlets represents both a lust for the vastness of the world market economy as well as a lust for the control of worldwide human energy, creativity and wealth. In truth, these desires are singular. The freedom-loving sovereigns within the smaller market of the United States of America exist as nothing but roadblocks to the demonic forces of left-wing corporate media and their dark, elitist, occultist, Globalist puppeteers. The sole purpose of these radical and insurrectionary mouth-pieces of false information, indoctrination, and fake news is to create and control a false narrative that serves both themselves and the growth of Socialism and Globalism. 

It does not take a genius, anymore, to understand that the Mainstream Media, Globalism, and Socialism are clearly, one single disease upon our nation and human freedom itself. It takes only eyes, ears, and a simple neocortex of any capacity. As long as said Neocortex is not a Left-wing indoctrinated neocortex: then that particular Neocortex may as well not exist within that individual's skull. The poor and lost-default-establishment-mind is as blind to the reality of the Control System, and the mere CONCEPT of societal manipulation of public opinion that projects overtly and incessantly from the mainstream news media and Hollywood, as a fish is to the vast yet familiar ocean in which it swims. The wrathful forces of the Left-wing Establishment desire to obfuscate our inherent sovereignty and critical thinking capacity by superimposing and replacing our rational and intrinsically moral will with the anti-human, collectivistic, irrational, artificial, progressive, relativistic, and amoral hallucination of State will and State morality. This intention and desire reveal the empty soul and nature that defines the philosophical and intellectual disease of Leftism. An utterly contagious condition in which the left-wing corporate mainstream news media is a loathsome vector and contagion.

Until very recently, ALL Americans believed everything they saw on television. When the soldiers returned from World War Two, they sat down in front of their new-fangled electronic mind-control boxes and mainlined the mind of the Control System. Soon they had children, lots of them, who they then sat down next to them in front of the household television. Most of these "Babyboomers" never got up from its hypnotic glare. The aging Boomers are still sitting there now...with the liberals and the millennials. Today these fallen groups of humans are 100% programmed by the talking-heads they see flickering before there eyes projecting from the box in their living rooms and on their hand-held devices. 1984 has arrived. American Pravda signals the one-way road to Totalitarianism and the Left-wing anti-human technocracy. The multi-national corporate news outlets are, and always have been, the real enemies of Truth and freedom. Fake news is violence against Western Civilization; it is violence against reason, humanity and all life on Earth. Fake News is the authentic face of Evil in our times. 

Perhaps the best explanation of the malignancy of Fake News's worldview poisoning that is wholly systemic within our society comes from James O'Keefe paraphrasing the famous Andrew Breitbart quote: 

"Politics is downstream from culture. Culture is downstream from data; the data that the mainstream media forces."

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