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Dressed to kill, this classy crow and his murder of friends fascinate themselves by painting the entire sky with myriads of mesmerizing soap-bubbles. Like all shenanigans that ensue among living creatures within a consensus reality such as Earth, the antics of these playful Ravens occur deep within the mental Frame of Consciousness. The eyeball-laden frame in this illustration is meant to remind us that, as biological creatures, our perception and cognition are wholly colored by our species'-specific line of evolution. So, as a result, we have great difficulty in authentically perceiving reality from a very real perspective. We see the universe only through the eyes that natural selection and "time" have carefully within us constructed. The sense organs of all life's manifold have evolved within the dream of their species and its endless song of harmony with all other reflections of mind that, together, construct our world.

We can apprehend and interpret the information that informs our soul of the world's form and meaning only through the eyes of our species-specific evolution. The biosphere's multitudinous diversity of sense organ structure reflects the very same ultimate reality from many different, yet entirely consistent, perspectives. Since the organism's continuation is the primary motivation for all these various operating systems, the information which renders the world's shape in time is composed for usefulness, not metaphysical accuracy. Our picture of reality is organized in such a way in which the real quantum world of information that lies on the dynamic leading edge of the mind's eye, can be perceivable, navigatable, and understandable. The extremely familiar and useful texture of the material sensorium that surrounds is this very construction. It represents only a simulation and approximation. The reality that we experience and share is, in fact, not physical. Our minds merely suggest physicality as a necessary biological survival modality that works exceptionally well for the avoidance of danger, propagation of genetic material, and the procurement of nutrition. These all are critical consensus reality sensibilities that are vital for individual and species continuation within the endless objective dream. However, this vision is, on the surface, entirely blind to the primal and foundational ordering principles of the universe. 

All beings that compose our biocentric universe undeniably live in a consciousness-based reality fundamentally grounded upon quantum principles. A consensus "dream" whereas all sensory-observations must remain consistent among all collective observers. This consistency of observation serves as the foundation of the apparent material nature of Consensus Reality and its rudiments of physical law and shared experience. Modern physics suggests that the framework of the "physicality," we experience as existence, is composed merely of collapsed experiential probabilities. These collapsed probabilities (or subjective present moments) are then psychologically arranged into a logical and coherent sequence of subjective actualities by the mystery of Consciousness. This subjective timeline of one's inner psychological, personal history of causes and effects is consistent with and compositional to the external, physical, and objective world-line of consensus reality. The objective historical timeline is entirely created from these tiny and subjective threads that when intertwined as a whole, form the authentic and objective rope of history. That is, unless of course, the individual is insane, or sleeping alone, singularly, within its private subjective world and isolated from the causes and effects of the more vast and objective consensus dream. This manifold complexity of congruous sensory observations comprises the consistency of the physical laws, time, and the solidity of the material world we share while awake. The difference between the reality expressed by your mind while dreaming subjectively and the world revealed while dreaming within the consensus reality is delineated ONLY by this matter of consensus observational harmony and consistency. All physical measurement and knowledge within the consensus experience must be accordant for a shared and seemingly physical play-field of interactive conscious experience to occur and evolve. 

The universe is not composed of atoms, even though we, together, dream about them in profound, empirically testable, and persistent detail. When observed closely enough, the consensus-based consistency of these empirical atoms is much more stable and definable than the structural reality of the atoms themselves. Most scientists, as well as non-specialist laymen, perceive the nature of reality utterly backward. We perceive ourselves as unsubstantial and unimportant specks of dust forever lost within an infinite, random and dead universe. Just as consciousness is comprehended, in error, as an epiphenomenon of the brain, life itself is regarded, through the eyes of the same error, as a secondary, arbitrary, and meaningless aspect of the cold, dead and impersonal Universe. This fact is responsible for the majority of all human suffering and disharmony, both practical and existential. This crisis also creates the seeming inconsistency between the two primary pillars of modern physics; Einstein's Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics. Chasing matter is like chasing the mind's own shadow while ignoring the ocean of consciousness in which all universal subjects, matter, and time are compositionally embedded. 

The diverse conscious experiences of our world's Flora and Fauna are not insignificant: they veritably construct our shared existence. The entities that, as a unity, create and imagine our world are not imprisoned souls lost within an infinite, physical, random and meaningless universe that is slowly dying from heat-death and entropy. The biocentric reality of the universe is solely composed of its compositional creature's subjective, yet consistent, dreams. We are not mere monkeys floating on a rock within the dark infinity of space. We are the monkeys, the biosphere within which they are embedded, the isolated rock in space, and the dark infinity of space itself. In short, the stormy, raven-filled sky that you experience above your sleeping mind's imaginary head while dreaming alone in the subjective world is composed of precisely the same material as it is when you are awake and calmly looking up at it with your awake friends. You. However, if these ravens are playing with bubble-wands and wearing top hats, you are very likely dreaming, utterly insane, or you just need to dial back your imagination a bit.u

Philosophically and metaphysically, the ontological engine of reality and experience intrinsically resides within. This absolute truth informs the ultimate and inescapable fact that authority, personal responsibility, and choice, likewise are inseparably seated within the individual consciousness. As a result, morality is unavoidably also, forever, seated within. It is a fallacious impossibility for the "moral compass" to lie outside of the self within the illusion of the social construct's artificial collective. In truth, from an epistemological perspective, the sights, sounds, tastes, and feelings that comprise the diverse and seemingly material consensus sensorium of life, arise internally in the same manner as our lonely nightly dreams. Our participation in consensus reality may be a collectivistic construction, but it is composed, cooperatively, only to provide an objectively continuous and stable shared-plane-of-interaction in which to render a lifetime meaningfully. A lifetime guided by individual conscious choice, free-will, and a loving recognition of the profound responsibility we hold for all beings who, with us, dream this consensus reality. 

We are one. We are creators and not slaves. Consciousness, simultaneously, is the infinite collective as well as the sin

A kiss cut provides you with the ultimate flexibility for implementing your vision—this method cuts the sticker into any shape you desire, while leaving the back intact so that it can be smoothly peeled off the page.

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.: Four sizes to choose from
.: White or transparent
.: Only PNG design format supported
.: Grey adhesive left side for white stickers