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DARK HOLLYWOOD- Photo paper poster:

[This piece was initially done for Greg Carlwood of TheHighersideChats.com and TheHighersideClothing.com. The t-shirt can be purchased here: https://thehighersideclothing.com/shop/mens/dark-hollywood/. Argus Ink will only offer this design as a printed poster.]

The wood from the holly tree was used by the ancient Druids to make staffs and wands which they believed to hold magical powers of hypnotic control and seduction. It is very appropriate that the Southern California town which finds itself the primary home of the entire globe's Entertainment Industrial Military Complex bear the name of this occultist's favorite timber. Hollywood is our consensus reality's paramount vector of mysterious predictive programming, cultural manipulation, debased Left-wing political indoctrination, thought control, the overt sexualization of children, anti-Christian propaganda, absurd Socialism and Communism glorification, history revisionism and obfuscation, presidential death-threats, graphic violence fetishization, left-wing-male-feminist-elite-predation, America-shaming, gun fetishization, and, curiously at the same time, extreme Second Amendment opposition and activism.

Numerous researchers have revealed convincing evidence that the shadow government of the Deep State and the Hydra of the Control System have involved themselves in this big-screen hypnotic sorcery on many levels and for many decades. (This image was commissioned, in fact, to illustrate a collection of Dark Hollywood researcher's interviews about their work that you can find on the website, TheHigherSideChats.com.) Social engineering fingerprints are unambiguous in the C.I.A.'s black project, Operation Monarch and its affiliation with Disney and other dark Hollywood and mainstream media entities and personalities. Ceaseless Hollywood narratives propagate the worship of big government as the parent of all humanity as well as the complementary and hatefully fallacious error that without the Establishment's Control System the intrinsically evil nature of mankind would descend, undeniably, into violence and chaos. Nearly every film directed and conducted by the wand made from the wood of the holly tree details this deliberate and obsessive drive to debase free-will, natural law principles, and Human Nature itself.

The magic of Hollywood focuses upon projecting a profound inner confusion, within the collective mind of its audience, between the concept of Human Nature and the concept of The Human Condition. An ever-manipulatable condition that Hollywood aims to pervert beyond recognition and then purposely confuse, distort, and re-characterize as our immanent Human Nature in a valiant and multi-billion dollar effort to falsely justify and necessitate the idea of Government as the Eternal Parent of Society. Socialism, Globalism, moral relativism, materialism, consumerism, nihilism, the destruction of American-values, and the perversion of the Human Condition and then its subsequent intentional confusion with our innate Human Nature are the dark perennial obsessions of Hollywood. Each new film is a continuation of the establishment Illusory Control System's neverending onslaught of heart and mind control upon all humanity in an attempt to curtail and control the imagination of our species.

Central planning, political correctness, Cultural Marxism, identity politics, gender and history revisionism, and the blind-worship of consumerism and State-Power are propagated among the flowery and elegant lines of the most beautiful faces and bodies that the wanting human mind could possibly imagine. Nobody genuinely wants to know how these A-List Hollywood actors came to prominence within their industry: and what they do to stay there and to whom. We already understand entirely too much about the elite machine of seduction that lures in the beautiful and the young with money and power they garner from our innocent love of the Silver Screen and its mesmerizing light of entertainment. Most storylines and narratives, both unintentionally and purposely, point directly at the banal mind and thoughts of this very Hollywood Venus Fly-Trap that, with the abundant wealth we have given to it, lures and then feeds upon innocent human souls and the soul of our Nation. Nearly all films made by Hollywood are entrenched with occult symbolism, uncontrollable gun-fetishism, extreme gun violence, sexual perversion, gender-blurring, pedophilia, princess programming, anti-hero worship, blind-materialism, corporate-consumerism, fashion obsession, identity politics, and moral and cultural relativity. For our children, Hollywood offers only the abrupt death of imagination and the severe, overt over-sexualization, mind control, and Cultural Marxism that is disingenuously passed-off by our broken society as normalcy.

The Hollywood mind-control industry desires to create out of humanity a dumbed-down, historically illiterate, establishment-indoctrinated and trend-gobbling-hive-mind of perpetual adolescents. Children unbegun, and very likely to never begin, on the path towards personal responsibility, true care, authentic knowledge, and self-actualization. In the dark shadow of Hollywood rests a culture that has had its critical thinking, imagination, and understanding of its own history hobbled and perverted by the projected phantom of Collectivism. A lost population which, since childhood, is left hopelessly adrift in the all-consuming electric daydream of the establishment Control System that Hollywood forcibly projects upon our psyches. A simulacrum has been cultivated within us, and from us, by an intensely dark will beyond our own. A twisted fantasy designed to evolve and expand the size and power of the Establishment out of the carefully cultivated misperception of our very own being and the free-will that is eternally and inescapably seated within it. The influential and communicative creative artist born inside each and every one of us has been damaged and occulted by the brilliant colored light of Hollywood's blinding Silver Screen.

Most of us are the lucky ones. The children and other vibrant human beings used by the machine of Hollywood as the empty canvases upon which to bring to life its baneful stories are at the epicenter of this entire societal Nightmare. For them it is not a daydream, it is the whole of their reality. As such, they incur more damage and much deeper into their being. The damage is all too often mortally irreversible. Beautiful, innocent, and highly talented human beings are used as mass-societal weapons and personal concubines and then discarded like trash. This industry does not only attract the beautiful and talented with the near endless money we have willingly sacrificed to it. The industry's dark and seductive magic also attracts profoundly broken people who are, remarkably creepily, interested solely in the blind adoration of the Collectives faceless strangers, or in the promise of sex and power this blind adoration can draw and provide. These human-predators thirst so profoundly for both the power over and the love of others but yet are incapable of feeling either within the self.

The wand made from the wood of the holly tree, simultaneously, attracts and creates sociopaths who understand neither free-will nor the concept and unbreakable Karmic rule of Consent. Hollywood projects its own personal acutely psychotic nature upon the sovereign minds of the masses. This fallacious misunderstanding of the Natural Law quality of human Consent is the very error upon which the diseases of Collectivism, Nihilism, Socialism, Globalism, and Communism insinuate themselves upon our world and upon our sovereign human minds. With one single stroke of the Hollywood magic wand, these philosophically and metaphysically loathsome sentiments are projected upon our society, as it searches and probes our Nation for young and beautiful souls to devour in all imaginal ways. All the while concurrently employing these individuals to deceive and unbalance humanity's consciousness with backward immorality, the inane appeal to the Illusion of External Authority, and the blind worship of State-Power. When finished, these formerly beautiful and vivacious beings are then utterly discarded like human waste. Dark Hollywood is a depraved, perverted, profane, abysmally hypocritical, and bleak darkness upon our great Nation and the Love of our consensus reality.

With a keen eye, you can find many of these ideas hidden within the symbolic imagery of this illustration.


This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

• 10 mil thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant