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 THE ILLUSION OF EXTERNAL AUTHORITY- Photo paper poster:  The mechanism that guides the manifestation of our personal experience from the unactualized realm of possibility into the reality of our lives has only one steering wheel. CHOICE. For any possible being existing within space and time, this center of Choice can only rest seated in one location. WITHIN. From choice unfolds AUTHORITY, MORALITY, RESPONSIBILITY, and CARE towards others. These qualities are found ONLY existing in the interior of one's consciousness and cannot live in the external consensus reality. Modern society silently infers to the inescapable sovereign human mind a question that is grounded in circular reasoning. Where does the center of Choice reside? Inside the internal consciousness of the individual (individualism), or outside in the exterior illusion of the collectivistic social construct (collectivism). The only possible tool that human consciousness has to decern, investigate, then choose, is this very same inherent and inescapable power of CHOICE that it is calling into question. Whichever option you "choose" in this riddle to be true, you have inescapably and inadvertently proven that the seat of CHOICE is internal. You can go nowhere but directly to the bold-faced answer to even begin to choose. You can ONLY go Within. There is nowhere else to go in all existence but home to your very self. The notion that it is EVEN POSSIBLE to surrender your personal choice, Internal Authority, and personal care and responsibility for others to an external entity, of any nature, is a logical fallacy, philosophical quandary, and impossible contradiction.

To abdicate the throne of internal authority to the Illusion of External Authority, one must make the internally derived personal CHOICE to do so. Once one has decided to use the inescapable internal engine of CHOICE to gift ones inherent free-will to the illusion of external authority, one is FOREVER imminently responsible for the choices this apparition has artificially made in one's stead. This conundrum reflects back to us the reality of the fallacy of External Authority's overt Illusion. And who is it that holds you ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for the choices, crimes, and violence committed on your behalf by the External Illusion of Authority to which that you think it possible to abdicate your innate and inescapable free-will? Only the very same immutable thing you believed was even possible to give away to another in the first place. YOU. Your consciousness is as unavoidable as the Karma it incurs. Choice, care, and responsibility are, in truth, as ineludible as your own shadow!

All leftist ideology is grounded in the debased Illusion of External Authority. Leftism is merely the will and desire (the CHOICE) of the Illusion of External Authority to evolve its own size and power, supplanted into the mind of the individual. The illusion of External Authority is a deeply rooted and very ancient deception that underlies the state-power growing, human free-will dissolving, anti-philosophy of Collectivism. This primal and stupendous LIE is the basis of all societal-evil and mass enslavement, both modern and historical.

Great effort by the Control System and the establishment goes into convincing you that the depraved Illusion of External Authority is more real than your own loving heart and your own innate and internal Free-will. However, you are, unavoidably, the engine and creator of both your personal experience and the karma that incurs when you do not accept this first and ultimate fact of being. The control System is a nightmare made only from the ignorance it, itself projects into society and our individual consciousnesses. Reality has ONE RULE that is not only IMPOSSIBLE to break; it is the foundation of consciousness and time. This one unbreakable rule of existence is: FREE-WILL IS INESCAPABLE. Free-will is the foundational structure of the "Choice-Space" we perceive as the subjective "now." Free-will is the originator of the ever-moving Present Moment that unfolds into the perception of time itself. From the immutable fact of Free-will's inescapability is derived another inexorable truth. Morality, being resultant from the internal CHOICE to perform Right versus Wrong action based on Love and authentic Care, also resides, forever, within. Right, Wrong, Good, and Evil are qualities impossible to find seated externally within the establishment's blind and collectivistic fantasy. Genuine care and Truth itself are also absent within this absurd and tribe-based hallucination. Despite the many iniquitous laws and deceptions that are incessantly forged by the insatiable Illusion in attempt to convince us otherwise of its impossible jurisdiction.

For the dream of the Control System to insinuate itself into our world, the very concept of TRUTH must be rendered into a fiction that is relative only to the system's social construct and infinite self-reflection. Since the philosophical idea of Collectivism is wholly grounded in the aforementioned anti-philosophical circular reasoning that, when expedited upon society, has, in all history, caused only death, Truth must become a casualty as well. And when Truth is so vehemently denied as a quality seated within the individual, and instead propagated by the voices of the establishment as a relativistic property of the artificial social construct, Right, Wrong, Good and Evil are likewise perceived as relativistic bi-products of the Control System by its own slaves. Once this error is committed, Evil is not recognized as a quality derived from the internal, free-will, and moral choices of the individual. Evil, instead, is externalized to the Illusion of External Authority, outwardly, into the social construct. Then the concept of "evil" is erroneously applied to ENTIRE groups of innocent people as a political tool that is used to feed the growth of the Control System's vile dream by steering the blind masses into a purposefully cultivated chaos and disunity with blatantly false, patently anti-historical, anti-moral, superficial and racist deceptions.

The above paragraph perfectly describes the duplicitous underlying architecture of all of the Control System's cultural-weapons which it utilizes for the necessary avoidance of rational argumentation, as well as the hateful projection of useful chaos, outrage, and disunity into our country and our culture. A blatant example of the Control System's usage of these Cultural Marxist tactics of social division and Truth destruction in our society is the Democrats adoption of the disingenuous (and ironically abysmally racist), Identity Politics-based, Gender and Race-Card. But the Control System (and its mind/body in this world, the Left) will use any Card, as long as it decomposes our nation's Love, Unity, Care, and understanding of Truth, reason, civics, history, the Self, the nature of consensus reality, and one another. The Control System cannot argue for its existence rationally: it can only propagate itself and avoid logical argumentation with lies, deceits, deep-indoctrination beginning at a very early age, and well-known, worn-out, social tactics.

These vile and divisive psychological stratagems of the Illusion of External Authority's Control System, seductively hypnotize many decent people into actually perceiving and believing the establishment's violent, and openly repugnant projections against Truth, the unity of our nation, and all humanity. The Illusion of External Authority's psyche inflicted upon the masses, which we recognize as the Left, does not genuinely believe in Diversity, Equality, Morality, or Objective Truth. These axiomatic qualities of existence, for the Hydra of the artificial Anti-Human Leftist-Establishment, are all obstacles to the Illusion of External Authority's selfish and anti-human fantasies. The illusion of External Authority wants only two things, and at all costs: Communism and Globalism. In truth, these are but ONE thing. Total Power and Control. Control over consciousness, consent, abundance, creativity, and, therefore, consensus reality Earth. The Illusion of External Authority, in all honesty, wants even MORE than this. The Archon of the Illusion of External Authority just does not have the imagination to conceive it. This vile hallucination wants everything in all creation. It wants all consciousness, free will, creativity, consent, and your body. It cannot know when to stop; for, it is not alive. When this artificiality insinuates itself into one's consciousness, the person that you incarnated into our consensus reality to become must dissolve into the Collective Nothing.

Communism and Globalism, on consensus reality Earth, equate to the limits of our conscious human experiences' possible destruction. Fire, flood, and cosmological natural disaster are quicker, far less painful, and infinitely more rational. These two goals and limits of the unstoppable Illusion of External Authority, Communism and Globalism, represent the utter and complete destruction of human Free Will, control of one's destiny, finances, Choice, sovereignty, creativity, ambition, and consent. When these qualities are absent from humanity, there is nothing from it left to take. The Illusion of External Authority's Control System perverts the worldview of the masses in a manner in which the very intrinsic axiomatic qualities of human existence are either occulted entirely; or perverted into instruments of weaponized misunderstanding. Misconceptions of Self and World to be utilized for the growth of the Control System's violent and depraved illusion into the future of the human race. All motivations and actions of the Control System are merely pure, non-rational, fear-based and panicked, deceptive grasps at POWER, made by a violent, Truthless, and impossible hallucination that exists in the place within a broken psyche where the seat of human free will was intended, at birth, to reside.

For the Globalism and Communism loving Illusion of External Authority's creation of Leftism, Diversity means "Leftists ONLY." This sentiment is echoed and amplified in modern academia, the supposed living classical representation of the authentic diversity of free and open thought in our society. In today's insane political culture-war, the word Diversity, for the Left, is becoming dangerously close to the non-sequitur, "Kill All White Men And Conservatives!" The illusion of External Authority has turned Logic, Reason, Love, and Care upside-down upon their heads. So many humans have forgotten the Golden Rule that we all learned in Pre-school in favor of the Illusion of External Authority's consciousness-devouring Orwellian prison, and in favor of the destruction that the very disease of consciousness, that is the Left, has done to ALL our psyches as children. In today's contemporary version of the artificial Control System's psychotic mind, we see this phenomenon VERY CLEARLY.

All opposition to the Control System's Left-wing, Globalist, free-will, and consent denying machinations is perceived and projected, by those souls profoundly hypnotized by this very Establishment Hydra, as racist-white supremacy, red-necked-ignorance, right-wing indoctrination, and incredibly ironic representations of the National Socialist German Workers Party of World War Two. The anti-human Illusion of External Authority is a racist and demented hierarchy that is both anti-human and anti-Truth. The Illusion of External Authority is a non-functional anti-REALITY. The Control System is the Great Enslaver and usurper of human free-will, choice, and consent. It is MADNESS. It is VIOLENCE. But it is not real.

A Real genuine and rightful government, as envisioned by our founding fathers, is a tool created and wielded by humankind to assist in securing its innate, constitutional, and inherent right to freedom and the pursuit of abundance and happiness. It is not a parent nor is it a prison of humanity. The will of the control system ingrained into the masses aims to grow the instrument of government far beyond the tool of Natural Law rights and the inherent individual free-will and sovereignty in which it was created to serve and protect. Unless we OPEN OUR EYES to the Truth of our inescapable Internal Authority and personal Responsibility, our consensus reality and our tool of government will devolve deeper into this anti-human control system, and deeper into the lie. It is not possible for the seat of authority to reside, externally, within the endless reflections of The Illusion of External Authority's infinite hall of mirrors. We must awaken. There exists absolutely no other CHOICE.


This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

• 10 mil thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant