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 SURVEILLANCE STATE THEATER- Photo paper poster:  Charged, enraged, but never surprised by current events, I created this illustration of Saul Alinsky acolyte, and 44th president, Barack Hussein Obama. America Knows Obama as the well-groomed and supremely articulate Leftist who, from almost absolutely nowhere, rose to become the first black President of the United States of America. A feat, in itself, that has been a long time coming. There have been so many real racial tensions within the formation and development of our great nation that the election of a black man as president seemingly represented a conquering of these very struggles.

However, after eight years of his presidency, it is clear that Barack Obama does not symbolize the loving unification of our nation: in fact, he epitomizes precisely the opposite of that. Obama was the crystallization of the Left's purposeful reawakening, amplification, and expansion, not of our nation's consciousness, but of our nation's old and still healing racial conflicts. Barack Hussein Obama is himself, a walking Left-wing political tactic. Obama's only real skin color is the Communist-Red of Cultural Marxism. The fact that he was partially black was not used by the establishment to engender racial understanding and unify our nation with love and genuine care. The establishment, instead, used his brown skin as a shield to defend against all rational argumentation and refutation to its Far-Left-wing Globalist policies from its political opposition via utilizing the typical tried-and-true Left-Wing Democratic tactic of "The Race Card." To avoid the rational social debate that intellectual Leftists like Obama realize was utterly lost long ago, the Left slanders its political opposition as "racist" as a method of distraction and to avoid engaging in the impossible argument for Socialism itself. It is that childishly simple. The Left pushes Socialism at all costs and by absolutely any means necessary: however, facts reason and evidence cannot, and must not, ever be used (unless manipulated) to bolster its impossible and murderous absurdity. Authentic facts and the understanding of the history of Radical Leftism and Socialism must, for the existence of Socialism itself, be occulted by the Left. So Truth must be avoided, and Relativism must be propagated.

Obama was manufactured as the perfect weapon to wage the Left's ongoing psychological war of Identity Politics and Cultural Marxism upon humanity's loving heart: individual by individual. A mental and physical conflict with a culture that is involuntarily hibernating, both spiritually and intellectually, due to left-wing academic indoctrination and mainstream Globalist Fake News news media. Our American culture has had a history which has made itself vulnerable to the lies, violence, division and emotional manipulation of Identity Politics. Barack Hussein Obama was a Trojan Horse that was invited into the office of President, willingly, by the American people. Twice. A Trojan Horse of racial-division, endless drone-warfare, and political corruption that, once welcomed into the heart of the kingdom, set billions of electronic eyes and wicked plans upon all America and the world. A Trojan Horse who, once in office, quickly began to orchestrate and direct the production of the SURVEILLANCE STATE THEATER.

It is now entirely undeniable that the previous administration used the instrument of government itself as a political weapon to spy on an incoming president and his campaign. Barack Obama and his administration morphed our American government into a corrupt and drowning embarrassment that only the hypnotized Left, heads submerged beneath a sea of electric waves emitted from their televisions, could argue for, condone, or ignore.

Ten days before the inauguration of our forty-fifth president, a twenty-five-page "dossier" was released, by the media company, BuzzFeed, that made bizarre, perverted, and unverified claims that involved the intrigue of urination, prostitutes, and the affiliation of Trump with the Russian government. This Dossier was abysmally unverifiable, but that did not distract the savage Left from their profane glee and baseless political ecstasy, online, and on mainstream TV. Later, and well into Trump's presidency, we discovered that this false and absurd "dossier" was compiled by a D.C. strategic intelligence firm (Fusion GPS) and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. At about this point we also discovered that Hillary Clinton had actually purchased the DNC, herself. This flagrant dossier was authored by the Fifty-two-year-old former British MI6 spy, Christopher Steele, in collusion with actual real-world existing Russian Agents (not the usual leftist hallucinations that we have all become used too). The PissGate Dossier was intended to project the absurd Leftist-conspiracy-theory that the Russian Government has been grooming Donald Trump to be president for many years. We discovered that this Hillary Rodham Clinton-funded dossier was then used by deep state operators within Obama's FBI to obtain surveillance warrants on Trumps associates through the exploitation of the FISA courts. An action they understood would likely also ensnare in their web of surveillance our incoming President.

We now know that this fiasco (along with the Uranium One Deal that was made public, ironically and hilariously, by Robert Mueller's own Special Council) constituted the REAL Russian Collusion. The creation of Mueller's Special Council to investigate the Democratic delusion of the Trump/Russia Collusion Myth also utilized the Dem's bogus PissGate dossier as justification. The DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama administration colluded with Russian state-actors in attempt to influence our election process, to surveil and disparage our incoming president, and then to attempt to remove him from office with the blatant and overtly obvious Slavic-obsessed lies and deceptions that still ensue as I write these words. These atrocities occurred, of course, as Hillary Rodham Clinton stole the Primaries from Bernie Sanders then attempted to steal the General Election.

Seth Rich, the DNC employee who downloaded the Podesta emails to a thumb drive and then gave them to Wikileaks, was "mysteriously" murdered very shortly afterward. Simultaneously, to cover their massive party-ending crimes concerning the stolen Primaries, MSM collusion, and many other political and societal sins, the DNC, the Deep State, Barry Soetoro, the Hillary Rodham Clinton Campaign, and the MSM, blamed Russia for the Podesta Email leaks which they infinitely well knew were internal. Seth Rich, who was left alive bleeding on the ground, still possessed his wallet, and was wearing over two-thousand dollars in jewelry when he mysteriously (mysteriously for real this time) died at the Hospital. We will all very soon be forced to admit that the anti-gun DNC, who also strangely justified the attempted assassination of Congressman Scalise...instead of their typical response of calling to destroy our US Constitution, murdered Seth Rich (who the Left refers to as Russia) to hide their crimes against our nation. The Left is ravenous for gun control; unless these guns, which the left believes possess the free-will they themselves do not, are aimed at the hearts of their political competition. The left is Devoid of Care. The Left is devoid of Morality. The Care, we the balanced consciousness humanity, possesses is their only weapon against Truth, and us. Every word the left speaks is merely a depraved grasp at Power.

The biological human puppets of the Illusion of External Authority, the Left, having no rational political argument after the mass death and inefficiency they expressed last century (both domestically and abroad), cannot engage in argumentation, so, therefore, must have the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments of the US Constitution destroyed. They can continue to exist in time by no other means than the destruction of our US Constitution and those who revere both it, and the Universal Natural Law principles on which it is based. Because conservatives are in truth Constitutionalists, the fallen Left vehemently demonizes them as Nazis and KKK members. However in truth, Nazis were Socialists, and the KKK existed as the military arm of the then even more openly racist Democratic Party. The Left always projects their crimes upon their political enemies. The Archon has no imagination of its own. Projection, simulacrum, and theater is the only mind of the ancient Collectivistic Demon. The Democratic conspiracy theory of Trump/Russia collusion is just another classic Collectivistic Archontic deception. It was undoubtedly not the Russians. The DNC knew this the entire time. They took extreme measures upon a single individual to suppress facts and create subterfuge. They violated the rights and intelligence of the sovereign American people with their incessant insistence upon repeating the deception of the Trump/Russia Collusion myth, as they intentionally projected their crimes onto a rival nation possessing nuclear weapons. Their lies were not even rational and believable. They simply used "click-bait," sexual perversion, pussy hats, and possibly the murder of an innocent man, to sell their atrociously juvenile political alibi and hide their treasonous crimes against the United States of America. Despite all of these indiscretions, the rational right, who understands our First Amendment, still, would never call to silence the Left's madness.

It would be silly to think that the mind of political corruption has changed very much since Roman times. It is all the same day. Our reality works this way. All the unbelievable evil historical archetypes of history are reborn continuously. All the external influences that inspire these archetypes to become monsters are even more inspiring in modern times. Be not surprised that our world is upside-down. This fact of consensus reality is why we have no choice but to Open Our Eyes. We are opening our eyes to the ancient evil of Collectivism; this is the purpose of eyes and the meaning of the Eyes of Argus.

Power Corrupts (hence our Constitution's Natural Law-based construction). The corrupt politician grows government power as its own selfish possession. Always. The same is true for an entire party of them who attempt to grow the illusion of the Control System as their parent. If a "conservative" politician desires to grow government size and power, he is not a conservative; he is a construct of the false political dichotomy and a Leftist by definition. The Left condones the destruction of our Fourth Amendment (as well as the First and Second) and the creation of the violent Surveillance State. Like the concept of Globalism itself, the fallen state-minded Leftist does not even believe in the reality of the Deep State. CNN told them on television that the Deep State is a conspiracy theory as they watch from their living rooms, existing as the personified and living definitions of the very Globalism and mass State-indoctrination they believe is a right-wing conspiracy. The Left is unbelievable. Resultantly, the vile and debased Left, for the past year and a half, has been chasing their absurd and non-sensical hallucinatory wet dream of Trump/Russia Collusion with all their depraved voracity and energy. While, simultaneously, using an equal amount of intensity, to hide, deny, and distract from their own very real existing, expanding, and compounding crimes. The vile Left, as they always have throughout their scar upon history, attempted to project their own sins upon their political opponents and detractors.

We will likely soon discover that ex-president Barack Obama and his administration habitually and routinely manipulated the United States Foreign Intelligence Court to obtain surveillance warrants upon its political opposition and enemies. This well-orchestrated subterfuge forms the heart of the Surveillance State Theater, which with Obama attempted to replace our tool of government while he was in office. It is a fact that the nefarious Obama administration also used the IRS as a political tool against Libertarians, Tea Party members, and Conservative Constitutionalists. These groups represent, to the Left, the primary opposition to their deceptions and, therefore, most abysmal political enemies (next to, of course, the greatest obstacle to collectivistic relativism, the fixed-morality of Christianity itself). The previous acts and defilements to our Nations rule-of-law and Constitution, committed by our country's former presidential administration, demand incarceration of the guilty and most importantly, the awareness and understanding of their crimes by the whole of our society. However, as usual, the left-wing Mainstream News Media quickly disguises, condones, or downplays the evils of the Obama Administration and the Surveillance State. They Surveillance/Deep State's arm of the Mainstream New Media endlessly repeats that this overt Establishment deception is, in truth, just benign and customary "opposition research." These atrocities, unparalleled in American history, all occurred on Barrack Hussein Obama's Jorg Gray watch.

After he entered the White House, and behind the cover of the commensurate left-wing mainstream news media, President Obama deceptively laid waste to the unity, rule-of-law, and cultural continuity of our great and sovereign nation from within. He did it in ways that, now over one year after the conclusion of his eight-year reign, we are only beginning to uncover and understand. Obama was not a human being with a real history. Barry Soetoro's life was a carefully cultivated tool sharpened by forces beyond his own will. Whether literal or metaphorical, it is the same old Faustian tale. He was an actor in the theater of reality that the establishment has superimposed over nature and the real world. He was a contrivance grown and groomed against an entire nation to push the growth of state power and the lie of Socialism with modern intonations of the same methodology that destroyed Russia and then created the prison state of the now fallen Soviet Union. His entire persona and false history exist as a perfectly engineered and manufactured Weapon Of Mass Destruction designed to spread, like a disease into American society, all the latest modern updates to the now over one-hundred-year-old social contagion of Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism injects all social forms of class-envy, artificial fear, hatred, and outrage into the young, envious, selfish, mentally weak, and spiritually unbegun within our nation. By this method, the Left's internal hallucination of External Authority creates a low-information "Leftist Army" via the process of both psychological and societal deconstruction, from formerly free, beautiful, and creative homo sapiens.

Barack Hussein Obama is merely a puppet with the correct shade of skin for the Left to project tried-and-true tactics of social deconstruction upon America. A Globalist marionette to wage the lie of Socialism upon the sovereign American people. A weapon possessing a particular melanin density that the Left believes makes it invulnerable to all possibility of rational argumentation in the open forum of reason via implication of the fallacious and morally baneful "Race Card." [Hillary Clinton was a similar weapon. She was poised and ready to burn our country down with Socialism by using her vagina as the exact same kind of political shield to refute all opposition to Globalism as misogynistic. Ironically she employed this inane tactic on the very same people who were at the same moment praying for the election of Marine La Pen in France (who the Left is now attempting to imprison for absolutely no reason). Do NOT trouble yourself looking for evidence of reason in the tactics of the Left. The left is an ignorant, power-hungry, starving, and drowning child. A crying child in a pussy-hat.]

The Left is lost, and forever unaware that it is lost, in their own bigoted, superficial, and materialistic social hierarchy. This social hierarchy is based solely upon skin color and not upon merit, capability, choices, actions, or the quality of one's soul. This false racist-hierarchy is a shameful political maneuver: a maneuver that has worked so well for the Left over the past century that they now lack entirely any rational political platform whatsoever. Every cause and idea of "liberalism" is lightly veiled Cultural Marxism and weaponized Racism. Everything. Period. They have zero thoughts or social ideas, other than utter Universal and Natural Law violation and Identity Politics. The Left is the face of racism; it has never been anything else. Ironic that today Leftist Ideology exists by sweeping up hapless but innocent beings who are very deeply opposed to the evils of racism...directly, and with ease, into their racist net. Those ensnared in the web of the Control System are not Evil. In fact, they are quite the opposite. They are vulnerable but not stupid. It is the Ideology and those who use the Control System and the Illusion of External Authority as a weapon against the masses that are Evil. The very fact that the State, via our inundation with Leftist ideology starting as toddlers, utilizes the love, care, and morality of those among us who have been left most vulnerable to manipulation through these very intrinsic qualities to enslave them, proves their depth of Evil, while, simultaneously, defining it. (The left would, absurdly and ironically, probably perceive every word in this paragraph as racism and conspiracy. See how it works? :D)

After Obama, the Left's overtly open public face was openly revealed to all (except the still hypnotized liberals) as this same familiar historical human hatred and division. It is an overt human deception. America is an intellectually, morally, and philosophically evolved civilization whose very Flag and spirit ascended in response to abysmally depraved Totalitarianism and Imperialism. We are a nation whose foundations and constitution were based upon a profound reverence, keen observation, and heartfelt appreciation for the innate universal quality of human freedom and sovereignty that all races which form the beautiful texture of humanity equally share! We are a nation that is born from a Universal Natural Law-based Constitution. The Left is merely the denial of this, in favor of the illusion of the Control System, childishness, falseness, artificiality, indoctrination, and death. The Left is simply the Archon.

After the election of Donald Trump in November of 2016, Barack Obama ended the centuries-old American tradition of the peaceful transfer of power. The, now awakened, American Civilization breathed a collective sigh of relief as the irrefutable opposer to the U.S. Constitution, Truth, justice, and the American way forever vacated the White House. As a testament to former president Barack Obama's dark, vile and unscrupulous nature, he still to this day incessantly follows our democratically elected president around the globe spying upon his actions and defiling his words and intentions as he attempts to snuff out the growing fires of freedom that our current president has kindled. Why does the King of the Cultural Marxist Surveillance State and Identity Politics in modern America find Trump so interesting?...Because Donald Trump is an Anti-Establishment populace president. Donald Trump represents authentic America, the free individuals within it, and our U.S. Constitution. Trump does not represent the artificiality of the dead and violent external system of establishment control. President Trump is not perfect, but he is an obstacle to Globalism. Period. However, it is never about the man; it is about ideals. It is about only Natural Law Principles and Truth. Obama was a vile and intrusive cancer upon our nation's freedom and sovereignty. Obama was Globalism. Globalism is an impossible and anti-human lie. No former president in American history has debased the office of president so. ever. Barack Hussien Obama has incontrovertibly proven the depraved reality of the Surveillance State, as well as the unelected Deep State, who view our core fundamental freedoms as the enemy and obstacles to their dark and selfish dreams. The shadow government is not humanity. They are inhuman. They are a deception.

The unseen eyes of corruption itself are, indeed, forever watching our every move. The Barack Obama Administration committed the single most appalling and contemptible crime possible in a free, open and technologically burgeoning society. The administration purposely used our country's machinery of government to both leverage violence upon its political opponents, and spy upon its own people and their duly elected incoming President. We must open our organic eyes as well as the eyes of our mind and awaken from the hypnosis imposed upon us by the establishment's inverted theater of deception, control, indoctrination, surveillance, and violence. We must rise from the darkness of the rows of chairs among the illusion of the external control system's musty and dirty movie theater of electric hallucination. We must smash the projector, then burn down the SURVEILLANCE STATE'S ILLUSION. We must them forever incinerate the loathsome movie itself. We must walk out into the full light of truth, reality, and existence. Then we must, for the sake of the future of America and humanity, hold intimately and sternly accountable all those responsible for the despicable production's creation. We must Open our Eyes and live as the free, creative, and loving human beings of consensus reality that we are.

Ex-President Barack Obama is the greatest shame in American history. The founders of the United States of America created the mechanism of government as a tool to allow its people, who fully possess it, to live in freedom while in pursuit of their destinies, and, most importantly, while governing themselves. Hussein O. represented the inverse of these very American ideals. The United States government was never intended to become a vengeful, angry, and paranoid Socialist parent of society. The United States government was never meant to be a machine used to punish and enslave its own population, while, simultaneously, watching them with billions of electronic eyes and ears as if they were children, and filling their minds with lies. Barack Obama is, indeed, the Globalist King of the Surveillance State


This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

• 10 mil thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant