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 OPEN YOUR EYES- Matte paper poster: The human-animal bifurcated from the rest of the animal kingdom when the complexity of its mind reached a point where the survival benefits of conscious Choice transcended the blind, automatic, and non-individualistic "centralized governor" of instinctual responses as the most advantageous evolutionary survival modality. The development of this higher level of awareness materially expresses itself within the human brain as the Neocortex. The Neocortex, as the outermost developmental layer of the human brain, can perceive acutely now, from this higher vista of psychological ground, the world derived from both the Limbic system and the Reptilian Complex, lucidly. Previous to mankind's development of the Neocortex, the human animal was wholly lost within (and entirely blind to) these two compositional worlds of mind that composed both its mental reality as well as its physical brain. We are as cognitively visionless and unaware of the Operating system from which our consciousness constructs the world, as fish are to the ocean in which they swim. The very seemingly unending sea which is the sum-total of their reality, and the inescapable boundary of their experience.

Upon the evolution of the Neocortex, the Reptilian Complex and the Limbic System, as well as the worlds they engender, become not only visible, they become mentally maneuverable and understandable by the being who is now animated by Free will and Conscious Choice. It is uniquely in this world derived by the Neocortex that intricate possibility-sets and complex patterns of personal Choice can unfold within the individual mind. A mental ordering principle that is based on Survival, Responsibility, Love, Care, and the now mentally visible concepts of the past, the present, and the future, rises as the arbiter of experience. Instinct, the former driver of nonindependent consciousness, is permanently left behind to the animal world. This self-aware and conscious being, now, can only be forever guided by Free-will, Personal Responsibility, and internal Conscious Choice. It is our universal obligation, once the Neocortex and its world of Choice have evolved within our species, to never regress back in time to the animalistic, non-individualistic, collectivistic mental state from which this newfound world of Choice and creativity unfolded. Never! Not the individual, nor the larger fractal of our society, our nation, our civilization, nor our species.

Collectivism, perceived from inside the world of Free-will and Conscious Choice, can only exist as an internal delusion that is propagated, artificially, by a selfish external deception. This regression, once the Neocortex has evolved within a species, is the essence and definition of Universal Sin, Spiritual Devolution, and the authentic meaning of Evil. Instinct is the Love, Care, and balance of Nature. With the development of the Neocortex comes the capacity, as well as the eternal Personal Responsibility, to forever and inescapably, take on these axiomatic qualities of Mother Nature's Love, Care, and balance, internally within the individual Self. We can never again be guided by any possible form of synthetic and external automation, once our brains have evolved out of the Limbic-mind and then into the field of Choice and Free-will that is permanently rendered by the Neocortex. As a consequence of the human animals' diversion from automatic instinct and into the realm of self-awareness, we are eternally responsible for the Care of our biosphere, for our bodies, and for one another, through our Thoughts, Emotions, Choices, and Actions, personally. Intermeshed within this world of self-awareness, we, like the fish mentioned earlier, can find it difficult to see, let alone acknowledge, our intimate Personal Responsibility for the stark reality that our Conscious Choice reveals. Our Personal Responsibility is so astonishingly real and all-consuming, many Neocortexes find it too overwhelming, unbearable, and personally unacceptable that they, resultantly, fall into the comfortable self-denial of Nihilism and Solipsism.

The self-aware domain derived by the human Neocortex is based wholly upon Conscious Choice, Care, and Personal Responsibility. The unconscious and non-individualistic choices, which once entirely automated the Limbic-creatures that comprised the pre-Homo sapiens' species-body when its higher-dimensional form was still residing in the animal world of instinct, permanently fall under the awareness of conscious volition after the rise of the Human Neocortex. The Human Neocortex physically represents the greater-consciousness of the species evolving and transcending, dimensionally, to understand its own motivations, emotions, interactions, and experiences, as it unfolds forward in time, and expands into greater self-awareness. As a species rises in this spectrum of being, it renders the previously unconscious aspects of its mind and its world, conscious. This ascent is defined by the species' depth of awareness, concerning its intimate relationship to the seemingly external world and all other beings that compose this universal cosmos that is, ultimately, an unbreakable unity.

The higher vantage-point of the human primate orders and discerns this previous world of entirely emotional responses, utilizing the Choice, Care, and logical reasoning that is inescapably systemic within the newfound reality of self-aware human Free-will. As this understanding of Self, world, and their intimate interconnection expands, so must the beings apprehension of Personal Responsibility, Objective Truth, and Morality. It is not until this level of complexity within a conscious species' evolution is achieved, that its processes can cross over into the creative world of abstract ideas and then actualize technologies and cognitive structures which forever change the nature and condition of the species permanently in time. It is at this sacred threshold of consciousness evolution that culture, technology, and art become an inevitable secondary dimension of cultural and intellectual evolution, superimposed upon the physical unfolding of our forms within the body of Nature. It is also at this level in our relationship to each other and to the external world, that we become Karmically responsible, entirely, for our own actions, as we fall wholly under the jurisdiction of Universal Natural Law. Once we have evolved from the world of automatic and instinctual Care and into the world of Free-will and volition, we become forever responsible for this once automatic Care through our Choices, and how they reflect upon each other's ineludible Universal right not to be violated by any others outside of the sovereignty of the Self.

The difference in the available spectrum of conscious Choice between the world derived from instinct, and the world derived from Free-will, is the reason we do not see individual dogs, cats, or even the other individual monkeys of the non-human primate world, make creative decisions that permanently change the nature of their species. The animals guided by the Limbic System are not working on technology slowly, nor are they working on technology differently. They are not working on technology at all. This fact is also the reason we do not find these lower species, who are still living inside the animal kingdom, to be enslaving each other with violence and deception. The animal kingdom (and the biosphere in which it dwells) equates to an undivided wholeness. There is nobody to deceive. It is not possible for an individual lower animal, whose species is still guided by the Limbic mind, to do Evil or incur Karma. No matter how much blood is on their paws and in their teeth. The lower animal's relationship to Choice, derived from the overall balance of Instinct, leaves them forever distant from the consequences of their own actions. It is not possible for a lower animal to choose to commit an action outside of their instincts repertoire and incur Karma.

[I feel inclined to mention at this point that the dolphins and whales of the Cetacea species may have very well already arrived into the realm of free-will. Disturbingly, I believe this is evidenced by their ability and propensity to commit suicide. An action that is clearly performed outside of the region of Instinct and healthy conscious equilibrium. Suicide cannot serve any species benefit. It is a conscious Choice to end conscious suffering, and therefore, in my mind, evidence of profound self-awareness. It is odd that mental distress and self-destruction are telltale signs of self-awareness. Not, however, because these are intelligent decisions and states, but solely because the volition of Free-will and conscious Choice entirely permits them.]

Immorality, on consensus realm Earth, is a uniquely human condition and capacity. It is composed exclusively of the carefully cultivated lack of understanding we hold of our Selves, of the world we together derive, of our inescapable Free-will, and of the resultant Personal Responsibility that unfolds from these unavoidable axiomatic qualities and conditions of self-awareness. This profound ontological and epistemological misunderstanding of experience is artlessly revealed and broadcasted to all, in the unbalanced Choices of the confused, the immature, the insane, and the depraved. Immorality only exists as an actuality in relation to the poor moral choices of an individual creature who, due solely to its possession of the Neocortex, is obligated by Natural Law to understand the universal detriment and criminality of committing consentless actions that cause harm to the Self or Others. If we do not know any better than not to violate the free will and consent of others, it is because we have been broken, not because we are incapable. We are forever responsible for our own ignorance. It does not matter if this ignorance arises endogenously, from nascence, or from the manipulations of the Establishment and the Illusion of External Authority.

We are utterly responsible for the experiences we create for our Selves. We cannot blame an Illusion for the fact that we hold its suicidally poisonous and destructive worldviews in our very minds as a reality. When the internal hallucination of External Authority (and the impossible delusion of its ownership of us) exists within our imaginations, it obfuscates our inherent free will, entirely. We become subjugated by ourselves, within our very own brains; and lost in a false-reality imposed by real-world selfish predators. Human Free-will-eating predators, whose only power derives from our confusion. However, this comports to a personal incarnational mistake, so massive, that it negates the reason for our being. We own our own minds, we are wholly free, but we are not free to violate the self-ownership, consent, safety, or freedom of other humans. Ever. Resultantly, we are inescapably responsible for ourselves, all other beings within our species, as well as the whole of the conscious biosphere. In truth, we are accountable for our continued non-violation of all the self-aware creatures who co-habituate and co-create our consensus reality of Earth. Responsibility is apophatic. All rules of Existence and being are derived only by negation. It is our responsibility to do nothing; nothing that will harm the free-will of other self-aware beings or the overall harmony of our living planet. But, that does not mean we cannot protect ourselves against harm physically, or consume Limbic System driven creatures to supply our bodies with the nutrition necessary to sustain our existence. Responsibility is balance and harmony.

We are as compositional to the ecosystem as are the rest of the flora and fauna on our planet; only we have to regulate its equilibrium consciously through our Choices. We can no longer ride as passengers of Instinct's automatic concordance. We are responsible for our own consonance with the harmony of Life, because, through the gift of Choice and free-will, we have the capability of its utter destruction. No other animal on Earth has this facility. We are, therefore, forever bound by our Choices, through the universal action of Karma. There is no higher power in the universe than Conscious Choice. As such, Karma and Personal Responsibility exist as the unavoidable reciprocals of the Free-will of volition.

All laws in the Universe of mind and form, which were previously automated, unconsciously, within the species by instinct, are derivative from foundational Universal Natural Law Principles. Natural Law is the sacrosanct and underlying constitutional governing dynamic of consciousness and its shadow, the biocentric consensus reality of the universe we experience. Both the consciousness of the individual mind, as well as the consensus consciousness of the more profound and interconnected aspect of ourselves (which we all share and know as the external interactive world), are wholly derived and animated by immutable Natural Law principles. A newly discovered, absolute, and total responsibility for the outcome of Choice and Action emerges from this novel and previously unperceived palate of opportunity, which the evolutionary development of the neocortex reveals. When, from within its vaster species body, a compositional individual's overall set of all possible Choices expands to a size that exceeds that of the non-individualistic and automatic responses provided by instinct, this entity becomes culpable and accountable to the universal fixed and non-relative morality of Universal Natural Law. Simultaneously, this now self-aware species then forever falls under the purview of Universal Karma and Personal Responsibility for its Choices and Actions in relation to the sovereignty and balance of all other beings within its experience of consensus realm Earth.

Like I said earlier, becoming authentically alive and genuinely responsible in consensus reality, for many, is a lot to take on. It is no wonder that many souls lose this battle for the Self and the others that compose their world. These lost masses, instead, vie for the Illusion of External Authority and the violent false-reality that it projects into their psyches. The Illusion of External Authority, residing within the individual, as well as its physical shadow, the external Control System, are grown entirely out of the envy, Fear, false-information, and theft (which the beast itself purposefully insinuates into the population). Those who have been made too weak by the Empire's voices of Left-wing Corporate Globalist Fake News and compulsory Socialist education to protect themselves from Fake News and political confusion, with this very confusion, turn around and help expand and empower the same Control System who utterly destroyed their Free-will, Consent, and critical-thinking skills while they were still but children. These poor fallen beings, fast asleep deeply within the Establishment, cannot only never again own their own minds, but they also assist the Control System in taking the minds of others through violence. For these souls, the question of personal responsibility cannot ever be allowed to arise within them. It will destroy the illusion of their blind, vile, and relativistic progressive Morality; a nightmare that is grounded only in the hallucination of the Control System's corrupt, hypocritical, racist, and false social constructions. Simultaneously, it will reveal their profound lifelong irresponsibility and their profound establishment-induced violation of all the other sovereign beings of our consensus reality.

Instead of facing the stark responsibility of their existence relative to the absolute sovereignty of all self-aware humans, they live as slaves to their personal lack of courage, and to their indifference of the Natural Law Rights, Free-will, and human consent of all externally existing conscious beings. A deep, dark, incarnation-nullifying cowardice that they do not even dare to address as a reality, then inundates the whole of their consciousness, systemically, if not careful, forever. As captives, they live and function inside the State's phantasmal prison. A prison which they have built inside their heads with their own ignorance, upon the lost internal seat of their own forsaken Choice. Only the mind occupied by the Archon itself, when insinuated into the naturally caring human-psyche, renounces the very Love, Care, and connection which forged both nature and our species. This crime is committed in the baneful honor of the Control System, its false social construct regurgitating-Establishment, and the Illusion of External Authority that animates it all.

Fortunately, we all learned Natural Law Principles in their general form while still in pre-school. Unfortunately, however, we spent the next thirteen years in our government compulsory Socialist education system, forgetting what we knew full-well as toddlers about the universal importance of the non-violation of other beings. The State instructed us, daily, how to justify our own self-enslavement, as we worshipped its impossibility by offering our minds and hearts to its depraved Illusion of External Authority. It instructed and insisted that we sacrifice our inherent Free-will, our innate critical thinking abilities, and our Volition of Choice, at the altar of the Control System's artificial dream of itself within our minds. Minds that the Archon has intentionally broken for this exact purpose: The growth of its own evil hallucination within our heads.

Universal Natural law is reducible to one sentence, which is based on the innate and inborn right of every living being to NOT be violated by others outside of the Self. This one sentence is: DO NOT STEAL. Do not steal another's life, personal security, property, right to privacy, sexual sovereignty, innocence, freedom of movement (whether physical or mental), or ability to provide for and defend the self and family. It is merely the "non-violence principle" (the sacred feminine), combined with the "self-defense principle" (the Sacred Masculine). Together, these two genders of Universal Truth form the basis of "The Golden Rule" that we learned long ago while still in pre-school. A dictum earnestly conveyed by our teachers (as well as our parents), meant to convince us not to violate others like jack-asses; or to allow others to violate us, and get away with it. It can be understood more clearly in one word: "Love." Outside of this rule and this word, lie only spineless, weak, and unbalanced beings. When the consciousness of the human animal long ago evolved to a point where it became responsible for its own Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions, it, simultaneously, became culpable for the Loving Care and balance (via its non-violation) of the ecosystem itself, as well as all other living beings within it. It is this universal aspect of Love and Care, whether conscious or unconscious, which acts as the axis upon which the biocentric multiverse revolves. The Universal, Loving, and unspoken reality that informs and grounds this sole law of consciousness equates to the most inescapable fact in all possible existence. WE OWN OUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESSES.

"The Golden Rule," in philosophy, can be viewed as the Non-violence Principle. Its premise is simple: DO NOT VIOLATE THE FREE-WILL OF OTHERS. Now as adults, many have succumbed to the incessant broadcasting by Empire and its nihilistic left-wing Mainstream cultural voices, to do just that. These vile projections of Empire upon the minds of the population, reverse the previously described process of evolution, ascent, and awakening from the collectivistic instinct of the animal world, into the expanded vista of free will, choice, creativity, and personal responsibility. The illusion of External Authority incessantly drives mass-consciousness backward, using the weapon of Love-annihilating Fear, to the profound collectivistic lie of the Establishment's racist-hallucination of the Social Construct, and its dystopian dream of ever-expanding Government Power and Control.

Love is not an emotion; it is the universal expression of the expansion of consciousness and Care. Love is the quality that exists on the positive pole of a spectrum that is defined solely by the presence or absence of Care alone; just as a thermometer only perceives degrees of heat, as opposed to coldness. Hate is not the opposite of Love. On the opposite pole on this scale of Care, resides Fear; the complete absence of Love. Fear is the regressive and contractive force of the Universe, as well as the Consciousness that defines it. It is the deadening of the experience of life. Fear's absence of love leads to Hate. Hate is the destruction of life and consciousness. Love Opens The Eyes of Consciousness and expands its scope and awareness. Fear closes them, then contracts and regresses its evolution into self-enslavement. Love is the recognition and subconscious awareness that all nature intensely possesses of its unbreachable unity. Fear is the denial of this unity. It is the inescapable regression, into nihilism, solipsism, immorality, selfishness, theft, and violence. It is the invitation to the subjugation of the Illusion of External Authority. It is through the instigation of the soul-crushing psychological weapon of Fear, which the Illusion of External Authority convinces us to submit our will, our Choice, our creativity, and our very Love, Care, and Personal Responsibility for our Selves and for the safety of our families, to the vile artifice of the Control System.

Early in humanity's development, from the perspective of consciousness-evolution, and while still nested within the violent and seemingly hedonistic animal kingdom, instinct prevailed as the foundational rule of existence. Instinct is Love. Instinct is the Care that the biosphere gives to itself as it superficially appears to devour its own manifold body, in a cruel dance articulated by its violent predator and prey relationships. The ancient symbol of the Ouroboros symbolizes this endless primal dance of conscious entities which, endlessly, forms our aggregate biocentric consensus reality. This symbolic Dragon of all nature eats itself eternally. Our domesticated, fear-influenced, and species-specific eyes see, in this dragon, a brutal and heartless river of blood upon which all Nature abides. However, this apparent endless ocean of violence is, in truth, the voice and action of Love within the mind and body of Mother Nature, herself. For the Ouroboros, all the blood existing within the bodies of Nature's manifold is its own! The death, bloodshed, physical suffering, and pain, which permeates and animates nature, exists for the infinitely sacred purpose of the balance of its form, and for its continuation in time. Time, the breath of consciousness we, as mind and Love, all share. Time, the breath of all mind, as it reaches forever upward towards the higher dimension of Free-will, knowledge, self-awareness, and expanded higher-form.

The human primate's ascent into the inescapable jurisdiction of Natural Law was sculpted and rendered through time by love, by fear, and by death. As any species-mind in nature rises to the level of Free-will (so far we seem to be alone), it falls upon the individual Choices of its constituent members of the species to expedite, now by moral Choice, this very same love and responsibility that "instinct" once provided automatically. If the violation of core Natural Law principles on which the system resides occurs, the entire system falls out of balance and suffers. This inescapable fact of being is true, whether the system is the individual psyche, the society, or the biological ecosystem of Nature. Karma incurs as a consequence of an action that induces imbalance within the system. Call Universal Karma religious if you must, but it is merely the balance of Care. It is the voice of Love. All movement in this dance of life is, in truth, spiritual. All is rational. All is Truth. There is nothing external to the reality of all consciousness. Absolutely nothing at all.

The dynamic balance within nature and all its diversity, when viewed from the perspective of an infantile consciousness who can only see the Self and the world through the eyes of the State, is mistakenly perceived as a violent inequality which makes their unbegun minds experience suffering, pain, and confusion. Saddled with a denial of reality, these lost ones among us find it too uncomfortable to accept that external suffering stems from within. So they attempt to rectify this suffering by use of force, externally and blindly, upon collective group identities. Group identities projected and reflected within them by the vile and depraved Collectivistic Left-wing Establishment's racist social hierarchy. Due to their abysmal lack of understanding of epistemology, ontology, time, evolution, Objective Truth, reality, history, and their very own consciousness, they experience nature as a hallucination of inequality and violence, which they equally apply to their cultivated and systemic misapprehension of the Self, the Human Race, and its societies. These lost and indoctrinated masses attempt to perceive themselves, as well as our culture, from within the same absurdly violent and disrespectful misconception in which they view the seemingly violent and bloody Ouroborus of Mother Nature, herself. This misperception obliterates and obfuscates all Universal order and Natural Law Principles that allowed their own volition of conscious Choice and self-awareness to rise from Nature's automatic Instinct to the capacity to even commit this mistake against reality, consciousness, evolution, and Universe in the first place. All this madness is due to a blind, infantile, and absurd misunderstanding of nature, Truth, experience, consciousness, and the Self. These fallen children sin against all life and all consensus reality, with an utter lack of Care, and a baneful misinterpretation of their own loving heart of existence, as well as their own incarnational reason for being. All these errors in the perception of their personal experience as well as the world in which they live, are cultivated purposely within, by the incessant deceptions upon our society by the Control System.

All heart and mind control methodologies inflicted by Empire upon humanity are rooted deeply in the previously mentioned spectrum of Care. Employing emotion and Fear, the External Establishment Empire manipulates us like cattle with an invisible force. This evolutionary force is seated profoundly within the subconscious mind of our very evolution, and the conscious universe itself. This power of fear-based Mind and Heart-Control, inflicted upon humanity by those who mistakenly believe they own it, contracts the light of individual human consciousness, and of our society at large. As the inner balance of consciousness deteriorates, so does the innate "Moral Compass" inherently seated within the individual. When the individual loses the balance of its intrinsic and internal-moral-rudder, its perception of Truth and morality has nowhere to go but to divert to the relativistic, artificial, ever-progressing, and wholly amoral Moral-Compass of the State. This now fallen individual consciousness cannot know the difference between Right and Wrong Action internally for itself, within the Self, via its own internal processes. Truth and Morality no longer reside within the domain of their own skulls. Truth, Morality, and external consensus reality itself, from that moment on, become sole possessions of Empire. As the individual components of a society lose their ability to know, internally, the difference between right and wrong Action, the culture, as a whole, regresses into the already open clutches of this hungry and ever-evolving Control System.

The disease within our species that blossoms within a society of individuals whose internal balance has been so decimated by the Illusion of External Authority that they cannot, for the Self, ascertain Truth or Morality, is called Communism. The false and relativistic self-reflective morality of the Control System displays the only visible truth in this now fallen civilization's constituent minds. Communism is merely the externalized societal expression of the individual's enslaved consciousness. For the individual, the culture, and the species, Communism likens to an evolutionary regression backward to a morally-baseless artificial instinct that is not defined by Nature, but instead by the psychopathic human-predator-class that is driving the Control System's Collectivistic Establishment, using the fuel of humanity's lost Free-will. Communism and Socialism are commensurate with Collectivism. Collectivism, from the perspective of Free-will and Natural Law, characterizes the societal, philosophical, and spiritual definition of Evil. Communism relates to the eyes of consciousness closed tight by Fear and the denial of one's own inherent free-will and consent. Communism is the Magnum Opus of the Control System's form, superimposed over the body of humanity.

Those who have constructed the Control System in which we reside (and that now almost entirely occults the rational world), view Free-will and human creativity as unpredictable and unprofitable liabilities. Empire must thwart expanded consciousness, all self-sufficiency, the family unit, critical thinking ability, genuine human creativity, and every traditional/societal expression of Objective Truth and Morality, at absolutely every possible opportunity. These truths are all obstructions to their lies. Empire fears the free-will and creativity of We the People, more than they fear their own imminent Universal Karma. We the People exist as the face of their fear, as well as their Karma, entirely. For those families of elite oligarchs who have created and maintained the illusory Control System throughout human history, their Universal Karma is utterly inescapable. We are the guillotine raised above their heads. We are the hand of the executioner upon the guillotine's lever. We are the billions and billions of sovereign, real, and existing human feet standing upon their selfish, depraved, and fragile bones, and with the infinite gravity of our potential awareness. In avoidance, they must, for the sake of their extremely lucrative nightmare's existence, keep us asleep. However, there is no need for us to fight the control system with violence. That is entirely falling directly into their violent hands. Once awake, the illusion falls away entirely, as does the power of those who drive it. Their Universal Karma is solely humanity's eyes as they awaken from their violent internal Illusion of External Authority.

Therefore, through the incessant indoctrination, worldview-poisoning, and violence of the Control System's Establishment, a great many within the innocent masses have been utterly lulled asleep. These hapless multitudes exist hypnotized by years of false-information, political pseudo-science, constant social-media distraction, consumerism, Corporate Mainstream Globalist Fake News, Hollywood propaganda, and Left-wing compulsory Socialist academic indoctrination. Through this one-tune-orchestra of depraved artificial instruments which render into detail the inhuman Control System's Hydra, the carefully cultivated internal Illusion of External Authority and the heinous song of impossible State-worshipping and soul-devouring Socialism was, while they were still but innocent children, purposefully instilled within their heads. The Illusion of External Authority, implanted within the mind of the child, invariably inflicts a Universal Karmic crime that wreaks profound damage upon the child's psychological, philosophical, metaphysical, and ontological understandings of Self and consensus reality. A misunderstanding that will be mirrored into the society which, in the future, the State-broken child will co-create as a prison of Control. This damage they cannot ever, once grown, themselves perceive. However, they can and do, quickly weaponize this contrived ignorance and intellectual blindness against those who, to a greater extent than they did, avoided the State projected internal disease of the Illusion of External Authority. This absurd internal hallucination is an artificiality that is superimposed directly over the top of the child's inborn Free-will, volition, and consent, by the State. This Control System procured internal illusion, is a confusion which makes the fallen consciousness entirely unable to apprehend Objective Truth or reality; be it political, spiritual, moral, rational, scientific, or natural.

For the freedom and creativity of humankind to survive, we must awaken, open our eyes, and notice those among us within our loving humanity's body, whose eyes are still tightly closed. These lost human souls among us, now, simply endure as Mankind's infected cancer cells within its timeless higher-dimensional form. Once awake, we find ourselves entirely surrounded by the visage of these still hypnotized and profoundly Fearful human beings, who have self-identified with the Illusion of External Authority, and its will to regress humanity into an anti-human and anti-natural state of Control. These philosophically fallen Homo sapiens worship the Control System and its mental projection of the Establishment, not only as their sole arbiter of Truth, but also, as their parent, master, keeper, and god. Surrounded by these vulnerable and infected ones among us, we must try, with all our might, to remind them of who they were supposed to be when they were born. Creative. Non-Violent. Moral. Rational. Sovereign. Caring. Awake. Free.

Compared to the Truth and Love of Humanity, its ancient human predators, who continuously project the Control System, are less than nothing in both potency and number. They are nothing but an illusion of themselves that they have, artificially, installed into the minds of the masses. Once we open our eyes, we see their fantasy has absolutely no reality. The Leftist state-worshipping beings, which the Illusion of External Authority has stolen from humanity's body to build their deception, are but useless children that have not yet begun on the path to self-actualization. In the end, these lost ones, until they awaken to their own reality, even for the Control System, are only liabilities and cannon-fodder. Saturn devours his own children, and, because they are ignorant enough to sit close to him and self-identify with his ideas, he devours them first. The Establishment projected upon us by the vile Control system is a deception and illusion, made out of real human beings. Human beings we Love. Humans who will be livid when they finally understand that their one life was long ago taken by the selfish external fantasm of the Illusion of External Authority, which they thought was themselves. That is if they are lucky enough to realize their error within the boundaries of their lifetimes. The Control System has pulled back upon the bow-string of their own Karma and impending doom, through their centuries-long actions of the selfish theft of human life, Free will, and consent. The only quality more foundational to the Control System than selfishness...is Fear. This fact defines the reality of the Control System's incessant terror, as well as the reason for its lust for our free will, our creativity, our consent, and its procurement within us of the fallacious idea that external authority can exist in the realm of any conscious and self-aware being as a possible reality. The continued sleep and indoctrination of the hypnotized masses remains as the Control System's only hope for protection against obliteration by its own Universal Karma.

Our species' path of awakening, which we as primates have taken through the animal world and into the higher realms of Free-will, Personal Responsibility, and Choice, was born in small forward steps that resulted in our evolution's profound deviation from the rest of nature's creatures. We have ridden, within the bodies of our ancestors, upon a path of a savage primate evolution. A path that leads forever out of Instinct's Garden of Eden, and up into the new vista of internal Choice, Creativity, Personal Responsibility, Love, and Care. This road continues today as we advance upward into higher dimensions of awareness. The path upward in consciousness, for both the individual and its larger fractal of the society, is wholly dependent and defined by the relationship of our inescapable, inherent, and inborn Free-will, to the vile Illusion of External Authority.

As members of the family of Life, the reality of what we really are, indeed, has a divine purpose. The obstacles to self-awareness and self-actualization, both to the individual and to its larger higher fractal of society, are not, in truth, obstacles. These are gifts and lessons from the texture of reality, which are meant to evolve our minds into an understanding of ourselves, of our relationship to the other conscious beings of our consensus reality, and into a full and visceral apprehension of the intimate Free-will, Self-Awareness, and Personal Responsibility, which, forever, animate our conscious experience. Without such stressors in the field of mind and its environment, this evolution of consciousness could not occur within any species. All is well! The evil of The Collectivistic Control System and the disease it instilled within us, the Illusion of External Authority, is an angelic and divine Teacher. The epic kind of master who takes decades to comprehend. Accept these gifts with joy. The process of conscious evolution continues perpetually, as Humanity opens more of its billions of eyes every day, and evolves into itself in time, and towards Truth in mind. OPEN YOUR EYES!

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."
-Carl Jung

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