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"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."

-Vladimir Lenin-

GET EDUCATED!- Photo paper poster:

[This piece was initially done for Greg Carlwood of TheHighersideChats.com and TheHighersideClothing.com. The t-shirt can be purchased here: https://thehighersideclothing.com/shop/mens/get-educated/. Argus Ink will only offer this design as a printed poster.]

 This Illustration was appropriately executed in classic Soviet propaganda style and portrays the Socialist public school system that came into existence in America last century. Our Prussian inspired outcome-based system of regurgitative learning and intellectual limitation, purposely dumbs-down generation after generation of sovereign American children. This compulsory socialist education system inflicts our youth with mind-numbing, soul-crushing, state-worshipping, and dogmatic propaganda as it overshadows and belittles all aspects of natural human intellectual development. The primary intention of government education is not to prepare our children for their futures. It is, instead, to slowly convert our children's minds into the property of the State. Compulsory government schooling diverts our children's natural maturation process which obfuscates their innate critical-thinking capacity, kills creativity, and, entirely remolds their youthful burgeoning perfection of human consciousness into a shadow of what it was intended to be at birth.

We give away our beautiful and loving children to the beast of the government's Socialist education system for most of the waking hours of their youth. A state-driven and PROFOUNDLY politically biased and bogus excuse for a learning apparatus, which, in the absence of their natural parents, transforms them into dumbed-down future-cogs in the machine of the workplace, hypnotized default consumer-zombies, and permanent slaves of the Illusion of External Authority. Slaves who, thoroughly front-loaded by false-information and incapacitated by the purposeful obfuscation of their critical thinking skills, will, in the future, always vote for the expansion of government's size and power over the reality of their own human souls. Simultaneously, our children, as these future state-indoctrinated-victims, systemically will disenfranchise all other sovereign constructive souls of their consensus reality with a vile, contrived, factless, and emotionally-based poison that is wholly and utterly uncontainable within their minds alone. This remolding of the child into an automaton of the Control System is a crime committed through vile operant conditioning. Like Pavlov's dogs, our children's actions and behaviors are trained and guided by cues administered by external Authority. When grown, because their internal critical thinking processes have been diverted, they can only accept information blindly, thereby leaving them entirely vulnerable to all information from the external world. Especially the establishment control system's self-aggrandizing information that comes from the Globalist mainstream news media, endless corporate advertising, political propaganda, and both compulsory government academia and state university.

Without the ability to think critically, our children cannot for themselves know the difference between right and wrong action. Because they cannot for themselves ascertain morality, they must invariably project the ever-progressing and baseless moral relativity of the state as their own moral compass. Resultantly, they invariably find themselves forever enslaved by the lawmaking whims of the power-hungry Control System and without the capacity for critical analysis and examination of their lives and conditions. Our children discover themselves imprisoned forever behind the default reality's invisible bars created within them by the violent illusion of the Establishment Control System's henchman, compulsory government schooling. The state programs our children, as they did us, against free-market capitalism, the understanding of economics, and an honest perception of American history. Instead of the actual events that comprise our nation's past, students receive a politicized far left-wing deception that empowers big government, centralized power, and socialist programs. Socialist programs that unnecessarily tax our population and, ultimately, completely subjugate and imprison the free-will and ambition of the recipients. If Captian Kirk were to fly around the universe conducting Democratic Policies, he would be court-marshaled then forever detained for breaking the Prime Directive (there is no excuse for any Star Trek geek to be a socialist).

The compulsory academic system inundates our great nation's youth with a false and pathological United States history that divides and dissipates the unity of our population with lies from the Illusory Social Construct. Government education weaponizes our children against each other, our nation, our natural law-based U.S. Constitution, and America's founding fathers, as it inflicts past, present, and future with a VIOLENTLY false, evil, historically absurd, and prejudicial social narrative. Even more detestable, our compulsory government socialist education system, likewise, weaponizes our children against their very own loving and balanced consciousness.

Leftist academia is a racist and collectivistic chicanery that places all aspects of society into a vicious social hierarchy. A hierarchy based not upon merit, ability, the contents of one's heart, and the fruits of one's actions; but instead upon the superficial color of one's skin and the deconstructive social wedge group with which one self-identifies. An identification born from carefully cultivated social outrage. Education in Western Civilization is supposed to be the greatest supporter of the true diversity of ideas in all human history. For the Leftists who have controlled our nations academia for decades, diversity means...Leftists Only. Our government public school systems and Universities have become a place where Truth, Reason, and Knowledge, go to die. These institutions do not emphasize critical thinking and Societal/historical truth. Instead, they place importance on the Left's Orwellian concept of "Diversity." Diversity, not of ideas, but regarding the implementation of the forced violent "diversity" program of Cultural Marxism and Postmodernism. The deadly racial hierarchy of the Left, which is taught to our children in compulsory government schooling, places white males at the bottom and excludes all the dissenting opinions of Conservatives, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and western philosophy itself, entirely. These tactics of Control System-growing, critical thinking, and truth destruction, form the psychological warfare that renders our children forever reliant upon the state as perineal parent, protector, and arbiter of truth and reality. Simultaneously, this leftist political stratagem leaves them with no eyes from which to view the world but the hateful eyes of the blind and corrupt illusion of establishment power itself.

Without the necessary mental tools of truth discernment provided by a proper education that facilitates creativity and critical thinking, our society is forever vulnerable to the fallacious advertising of multinational corporations and the political deceptions of the elite-class. The soul-crushing public education system in America leaves our nation's youth equipped to do little else besides shop, work and vote against their own personal freedoms. After graduation from high school, the disenfranchised student walks away with little more than a 12-year long heinous infomercial for big government. Luckily Socialism and Communism are seeds that do not grow in any consensus reality...no matter how much illusion and violence they are fed and watered by the state. No matter how much blood is shed in the impossible effort, eventually, the mirage must fall back into the nothingness out of which it began. When the vile compulsory state Socialist education system is, at last, realized by the population as the authentic HORROR that it is genuinely, together with our children, our entire culture will finally reach adulthood. To truly Get Educated, we must first wake from the spell that our government compulsory education system has cast upon us!

[I believe that teachers are the most important people in society. Because two school teachers raised me and I grew up in a tight group of families who were also school teachers I know the inherent value, love, care, and intelligence of the people who decide and understand that the most essential thing in their life is the education of our future. Later in life, a significant number of my best friends from college, and also children from these families I mentioned, became teachers as well. These people are EVERYTHING to me. I do not for one millisecond intend to disparage my parents or any of the teachers in my life I know and love. I only implore that the system in which they are compelled to work within does not, in any way, match the honor of their intentions. My criticism is not of teachers, who I love with all my heart and share with them their love of children and their visage of the future, but of the blind and damaging system in which they work.]


This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

• 10 mil thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant