FALLEN- Women's Racerback Tank

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FALLEN- Women's Racerback Tank

"We accept the reality of the world which we are presented."
-Truman Show

 Our aggregate human consciousness has long existed at such a low level of awareness that it has left itself utterly vulnerable to the manipulations of reality's presenters, mentioned in this Truman Show quote above. These trusted purveyors and narrators of the establishment Control System's false-reality come in many familiar forms that we quickly let into our lives, our homes, and then into our own sovereign hearts. We are all inflicted at birth with the same calcified false-indoctrinations that were unconsciously inflicted upon us by our parents. Our loving parents who had had the same false-impressions inflicted upon them, by their own parents also, when they too were children. We presently sit submerged within a multi-generational simulacrum, imposed upon us since childhood, by the vectors of compulsory State-driven education, Mainstream News Media, and corporate-globalist Hollywood. The innately innocent and inherently Good nature of our population has, resultantly, fallen blindly and yearly deeper into the yawning grave toward relativism, nihilism, and Socialism as our nation progresses in time. A subterfuge into which our culture inevitably descends further into Hell's abysmal totalitarian depths both generationally and exponentially. It is of little surprise to discover that today's generation of millennials predominately represent the magnum opus of the establishment Control System's creation within the mind of men. A creation concocted in history continuously that, in each iteration, exists as a canary in the coal-mine that signals the fall of an advanced, free, and loving society.

While still tiny children, we are sent off to the critical thinking and creativity nullification program of Government Public School. After twelve years of monotony, this experience is equivalent to a giant soul-sucking, U.S. tax-payer funded, Anti-American advertisement for big-government, Socialism, and Globalism. These ideologies feed upon the inherent free-will, consent, and care of human nature. After high school, many set off to militarize all their carefully cultivated distortions of Self, history, and reality, which were incessantly forced by academia, Hollywood, and television at a Postmodernist University. It is in college where our children, now full-grown, but also full-blown regiments of the State, learn to violently mobilize the weaponry created within them (by the insane and profane idea of allowing the State to raise our children), upon our free society-at-large. Natural Law, our constitution, as well as the unwritten ethics of evolved, free, and sovereign societies are besieged by these state-indoctrinated young adults, through their blatant and historically ignorant use of the age-old political and violence-based weapon of deception and revolution, we know as Cultural Marxism. As today's university students actively destroy the values of our U.S. Constitution and our free society; they simultaneously ruin their own futures with massive student debt. As they incur greater and greater debt, they are simultaneously indoctrinated profoundly against the one idea that can not only save their purposefully broken philosophies, but it can also grant them financial freedom. Free Market Capitalism.

Perpetually in the background on this entire journey through young adulthood, a box-shaped electric demon broadcasts the same dogma as did academia. In the living room, the dorm room, the public space, and in the palm of the hand, the digitized evangelist of the Establishment Control System abides. A bright digital screen with a talking head shines. The collectivistic talking face of the corporate leftist mainstream media propagates and reflects the very same inverted reality, twisted immorality, and pathological perspective on history which government education began to instill within us when still children: yet, now, in real time. Fake News of the Mainstream Media. I know this first hand. My college memories involve as many memories of me joyfully consuming late-night comedy and cable television as much as it involves memories of actually being in class. There seems to lie a certain individual comfort and nascent honor in living within the world, at that specific age-demographic, when the ENTIRE MACHINE of mainstream media and Hollywood is directly aimed. It is seductive, but over by the time the final hair on your chin has arrived. Adolescence renders the frame of the window of maximized permanent success for the mass-societal application of Operant Conditioning. A lifetime of corporate and state-driven mind-control which in the end, results, in the permanent childhood necessary to turn humanity into a single steering-wheel, held in the hands of the Establishment and State-Power, to drive Humanity into the ground.

Following the lead-up and aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, the mainstream media has fallen out of power due to its endless dishonesty and relentless overt and openly witnessed attempts at societal manipulation. During this same period, academia has incontestably exposed itself as mainstream media's incestual lover. Both monsters form a hydra with zero interest in discovering Truth. Both praise the impossible false-god of external authority and the big government technocracy while they destroy critical thinking, consent, morality, and humanity's inherent free-will for profit, power, and contempt of man. As the Mainstream News Media debases America with the violence of far left-wing Identity Politics, Race-Baiting, Political Correctness, and Fake News, its vile counterpart, left-wing-academia destroys culture, meaning, creativity, reason, and History with the obscene and violently destructive long-dead phantom of Cultural Marxist Bolshevism. A Trojan Horse which was reintroduced into American Society, by the heinous Frankfurt School, as Postmodernism.

But lo, It is time to rejoice! The reign of the Fallen ones is over! The hegemony of the artificial reality has ended. Humanity has, at long last, risen above Fake News. It is no longer our species and our culture that is Falling; it is the Mainstream Media, Left-Wing-Academia, and all their vast globalist machinations which have since time immemorial molested our consensus reality. They can never possess and control our world, nation, or our minds again. As we now understand who it is that they are, we get to witness Mainstream Media's Globalist voice of Fake News twist in pain as it evaporates and burns under the immense shadow of Truth, the awareness of humanity, and the ever-watchful-eye of the Independent News Media. They are now self-immolating and revealing to all, the mad spiritual and cultural vampires that they indeed are. The Independent Media is most clearly comprehended when seen as Information and Truth itself's version of the Free-Market. It is a sovereign market of Reason, free of the monopolization, regulation, and financial treasures, of both corporate and State powers. Ultimately, the decades-old Control System worshipping false-narrative of the Mainstream News Media and Left-wing Academia is now over. The light from their artificial stars snuffed themselves out long ago. The termination of this ancient and vile dark light in the sky of our consensus reality Earth has merely not yet hit us. Their stars have not just lost their fire, but they have also plummeted from the heavens entirely. The brilliance of Truth, Reason, and the free Independent Media has now arisen. The deceitful theater of the Illusory Control System cannot exist within this radiant light of the un-owned, free, and Independent Media, and its open market of reason, Truth, and information. The Fallen Ones have at last Fallen. FOREVER, into the abyss of nothingness that they have ALWAYS been.


This is a soft and comfortable tank, plus the racerback cut gives it an athletic look.

• 100% polyester
• Fabric weight: 4.5 oz/yd² (153 g/m²)
• 30 singles thread weight
• Unisex fit
• Made in the USA

Size guide

Chest (inches) 28-30 30-32 32-34 36-38 40-42 44-46
Waist (inches) 23-24 25-26 27-28 30-32 33-35 36-38