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The election of President Donald J. Trump was a TRUMP CARD played by the patriotic freedom-loving sovereigns of our great Nation upon the unwitting international Hydra of corporate Globalism, Hollywood, the MSM, and the tiny blue areas of the 2016 Presidential Election Map which disappear entirely into a field of red when you squint your eyes. These blue areas which are characterized by concrete, emotional outrage, delusion, crime, violence, dense populations, cultural regression, moral degeneration, and smoggy traffic-filled landscapes, accounted for Hillary Rodham Clinton's entire famed popular vote. Since the election of our forty-fifth president, the Mainstream Media, Hillary Rodham Clinton, The Barack Obama Administration, aspects of our nation's alphabet agencies, as well as the Clinton-DNC have revealed themselves as abysmally corrupt, deceptive, and categorically antithetical to the charter of our Nation and its Constitution.

Because of the populous wave that gathered its momentum with Trump's election in America, the entire world is watching the Globalist Utopia, that was promised to all by the Illusion of External Authority, crash and burn. As Globalism, blatantly and to the whole world, reveals both its reality and its mistake, the Leftist Establishment Hydra simultaneously descends in a frenzied free-fall of lies, cries, outrage, rioting, political deception, conservative-bullying, violence, false-flags, and infinitely ridiculous Cultural Marxist-inspired name-calling. All of this madness and insanity was, and is, supported and propagated by the corporate Mainstream Media, vile Left-wing Academia, the Democratic Political-class, Hollywood, and the tech giants. This, two-year-long storm of emotional hysteria is, in fact, merely a psychological projection of the Left's own criminal acts and their inherent and ideologically-structured moral degeneracy.

Through Twitter, President Trump has side-stepped the vile voice of the media to expose, in real time, this infinite world of hypocrisy and deception in which the Leftist-Establishment and it's Mainstream Media reside. All attempts made by the Leftist Democrats to defame and disparage our duly elected president, end in awkward and hilarious political self-immolation and legal self-incrimination. Every attack and accusation, including the Special Council's discoveries, has led directly to the actual crimes of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, the Deep State and the Mainstream Media. The Left seems not to possess the imagination to create accusations of which they are not personally guilty!

The Left's decades-long period of America-hatred, Cultural Marxism, Western-Civilization decline, cultural regression, and deconstructionism is now over. At least it has become so overtly and openly apparent in its actions, reactions, and associations that it is now wholly de-fanged. Globalism has become so exposed around the world that it has become utterly trivial. The United States, for the first time in decades, has an authentic leader who represents the awake, aware, genuine, unfeigned, and Constitutional population of the United States of America. At long last, we have a president un-owned by faraway unseen globalist elite banking families who abhor free-will while worshipping socialism, corporatism, financial control, centralized power, and Big Government. At long last, we have a president who is unowned by the political theater of the Democratic and Republican false-dichotomy. And at long last, we have a president who is, so naturally and obviously, unowned by anyone but himself.

President Donald J. Trump is perfectly not perfect, but his imperfection is so maddening to Liberals and the Establishment that it must be part of his genius plan. Even if Trump's genius works like Inspector Clouseau's, and he is just a hapless rider of pure random chance, he is still awakening America to the globalist Political false-dichotomy and the manipulation of public opinion by the press. Perfectly. Likewise, Trump is waking the "Liberals" (both devout and default) to their profound hypocrisy, as well as their lifetime blind obsession with the hypnotic mind-control of Left-Wing Corporate/Globalist television, academia, identity politics, Hollywood, political correctness, and all other poisons of the Illusion of External Authority. Poisons which they have always been steered, driven, and wholly subjugated by; yet, simultaneously, worship, propagate, and adore. Or, if not this positive reaction of spiritual and political awakening resultant to the vile free-will eating Establishments loss of power, they instead fall deeper into the hypnotic sleep and self-identification with this very Establishment, and its demonization of President Donald Trump, Libertarians, Independent Media, and Constitutional Conservatives. In so doing, they sink even far deeper into the loathsome clutches of the Control System's anti-human lie, and into further into harmony with their own personal and cultural obliteration.

The election of President Donald J. Trump has brought forth all of the America-hating, nihilistic, morally-relativistic, and globalist-influences and deceptions into the open light of day and within all aspects and venues in our society and culture. The depraved Left-wing hydra has revealed its stench and fingerprints within the alphabet agencies of the Deep State, the Democratic Party, the Mainstream Media, The Vatican, Hollywood, the NFL, Academia, and so much more. Wherever international corporation touches humanity, the cancer of Globalism is openly revealed and displayed. All these institutions have vehemently and exuberantly red-flagged themselves as in unity with the disease of anti-human collectivist globalism as well as blind-consumer-based corporatism. Together as one, all these entities move as a single multi-headed Leviathan. Today the impossible dream of Socialism and Globalism has descended into a fight-or-flight-like response of profound childish outrage that is lovingly known and expressed within it's purposefully cultivated masses as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Leftist Cultural Marxists cannot deconstruct America or our culture. It is not possible. The United States was created and forged in response to this same energy of Imperial Totalitarianism, economic slavery, authoritarianism, and corruption that it faces from the Globalists today. The Left's attempt to dispel debate, by obliterating the meaning of the First Amendment and our Constitution, would be treacherous for our country's internal peace in the future, and calamitous for the vision our forefathers intended for this great Nation in the past. The United States of America is fueled and grows by the political disputes between opposing ideologies. Through rational debate in the open-public-forum, both good and bad ideas are identified. The desire to silence political opposition is not just unconstitutional, in the United States of America, it is tantamount to a declaration of war. When the polarized forces within our population have had their ability to fight with words neutered by lost, historically ignorant and MSM indoctrinated violent-Leftist- SJW-infants, the only thing that remains with to argue and debate with are physical weapons.

What the Left does not yet seem to realize is that the Trump Card is held not ONLY in the hands of one man in the White House, the Trump Card is held tightly in the millions and millions of hands of the American majority and by the sovereign charter of the United States of America itself. The Trump Card is also inspiring the populace awakening worldwide. Contemporarily, the fallen Left is dealing with an unfathomably YUGE Deck of Trump Cards. The Leftist Anti-human Globalist free will and consent eating abomination has AWAKENED the very same GIANT of America that was awakened by the violation of the Japanese in 1941, and also earlier by the British before the Revolutionary War began in April of 1775. Now, in 2018, however, this giant's much larger comprehensive all-powerful and almighty incarnation of WESTERN CIVILIZATION itself, has awakened and is poised fearlessly in vigilant self-defense of its own mind and body. Both the authentic American spirit and its larger fractal of Western Civilization are now, after the ongoing attempted coup by the Fallen Collectivistic Left preceding the election of President Donald Trump, forever AWAKE.


This t-shirt is super soft and lightweight. The design is sublimation printed, with vivid colors that pop all-over the shirt!

• 100% polyester
• 4.5 oz (153 g/m2)
• Unisex fit
• Lightweight
• Made in the USA

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