DRAGON ENERGY- Sublimation men’s crewneck t-shirt

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 DRAGON ENERGY- Sublimation men’s crewneck t-shirt: This illustration represents a very dragon-like personification of the Reptilian Complex of the triune human brain (all dragons do to me, but because of the little dangling eye in his purple Eye of Providence top hat, this one represents the R Complex to me especially). In conjunction with the R complex, exist the two higher parts of the human triune brain: the Limbic System and the Neocortex. The Reptilian Complex within the homo sapien brain is the avenue of entry and initial cognitive processing intake point of external stimuli from the environment. For Reptiles, this is the end of their brain's evolutionary and intellectual road. In humans and other mammals, the R Complex is the most primitive aspect of the brain and is primarily related to the organism's Fight or Flight Response, motor-skills, and stress cognition. In dragons, the R Complex alone somehow regulates the way they can breathe fire and fly at the same time!

Dragons, although obviously ferociously classy and fantastic, have nothing on the human animal. The emotional mind of the Limbic System, together with the human Neocortex and the newfound perspective of understanding of the Limbic System's emotional drives that this Neocortex potentiates, renders the human animal of far greater power than any dragon. The psychological perception of Time, choice, free will, creativity, personal responsibility, and care, puts the sovereign Homo sapien at the top of Earth's evolution, in both fantasy and reality. But if given the opportunity, dragons, like the R complex itself, will remove you from all your higher evolved wits, then dominate and control you with fear. Although, unlike the R Complex of the triune human brain, however, the dragon will shred you, eat you, burp fire, then poop you out later.


This is a comfortable and lightweight 100% polyester crew neck t-shirt, made of a fine count yarn. It's made and printed in the USA

• Available in sizes XS-2XL
• 100% polyester construction
• Made in the USA
• Unisex fit
• Light, soft material

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Chest (inches) 32 1/4 36 1/4 40 1/8 42 ½ 49 52
Length (inches) 27 1/2 27 7/8 29 30 ¾ 31 3/8 33