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I'M WITH SATAN- Short sleeve t-shirt:

The information revealed by the John Podesta emails and released by the publishing firm Wikileaks, seduced many conservative partisan pundits to conclude that Hillary Rodham Clinton truly practices sacrificial Satanism. If this is so, she would merely be a modern elite devotee of the Old World religions which have been exercised by the broken and selfish Elite-Controllers since the beginning of human civilization. Of course, I do not know if it is a fact that Hillary Clinton is an authentic practitioner of the ancient Dark Arts. I fully understand and sympathize with those who believe this is a silly idea at face-value. However, it is very clear from the Podesta emails that she and her cohorts are, at the very least, extremely fascinated and familiar with the topic, superficially. The anti-human collectivistic ideology through which she perceives the world, and then attempts to project upon the innocent masses, is, in truth, profoundly, directly, and intimately related to Satanism. It is, in reality, indistinguishable.


Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Podesta brothers, as revealed by Wikileaks, apparently enjoy at least pretending to practice a dark and silly Hollywood version of the depraved Selfish and Satanic Arts. The Podesta emails openly disclosed his and his clan's penchant for Satanism and cannibalism-themed entertainment, as displayed in their highfalutin elite DC and Hollywood gatherings. These parties, in fact, were but mock-Satanic observances, emceed by the likes of the Satanism-obsessed Leftist performance artist and modern-day Methuselah, Marina Abramovic. [Traditionally, Leftist Ideology, by its nature, cannot differentiate Art and Aesthetics from mind-control, heart-control, political propaganda, aesthetics obliteration, cultural-regression, and violence. The Left has been at war with the truth of traditional Art and Aesthetics for over one-hundred years through the regressive moral and cultural battleground of Postmodernism. To destroy the perception of aesthetics within the masses is to destroy Truth, as well as all traditions based upon it. In itself, this comports to the very Satanic desire for the total control of the perception of consensus reality through the destruction of what makes us most human. We artists were, and still are, canaries in the proverbial coal mine.] Wikileaks also revealed that HRC, John Podesta, and other members of the Clinton campaign, had referenced concrete Satanic sacrifice in light conversation within their government work emails. However, whether or not Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and their sinister and twisted order of secular demons physically pray at the bloody altar of the ancient dark Saturnic gods is of absolutely zero consequence.

That which aligns Hillary Rodham Clinton with the ultimate darkness in our world is not her missing emails, it is not the Uranium One deal (where she and the Obama administration sold US uranium to her favorite national enemy and political scapegoat, Russia), it is not her financial rape (for over ten billion dollars) of the country of Haiti, it is not the fact that she stole our Nations Primaries from Bernie Sanders and then proceeded to leverage an election and defame our duly elected President with false information (that she paid for and obtained, also, from, you guessed it; Russia), it is not the ever-expanding Clinton Death-List (that now very likely includes DNC leaker, Seth Rich), it is not that she aligned herself with the Mainstream News Media and Globalist corporation to disenfranchise America's perception of Truth itself, it is not the illegal pay-for-play deals (which The Clinton Foundation employed to peddle influence to foreign nations), it is not her heartless, and murderous support of late-term abortion, it is not her desire to dissolve our nation's borders (in order to fill the Democratic voting rosters with third-world Socialist-Control-System-empowering voters), it is not the Cultural Marxist PC culture war with which she and her fellow Democrats are attemting to derail the unity of the United States of America with violence, factless deception, and hysterical emotion (in order to leverage the impossible lie of Leftist Globalist Socialism), it was not the overtly obvious deceptive false-polling published by her comensurate Mainstream News Media leading up to (in hopes of influencing) the 2016 general election, it is not even the utter irresponsibility Hillary Clinton displayed in relation to her Benghazi mistake. All of these things, however, are unquestionably related to the single philosophical and ontological error which, in truth, defines all Satanism and the very vile nature of Hillary Rodham Clinton. That which equates and forever eternally binds her with the evil of ancient Satanism is...Collectivism.

As a corrupt, banefully dishonest, and abysmally selfish Collectivist and Moral Relativist, it is apparent that Hillary Rodham Clinton defines and precisely characterizes what a bona fide Satanist, in truth, is; whether she genuinely realizes it, or not. There are those among us, and we now know many of them by their names, who view humanity as their property, and Truth and the knowledge of consciousness as a weapon. Resultant of their money, power, and influence, they also believe that they are more genuinely real than the masses, off whose free-will and ignorance they feed.

We the masses have purposefully been led away from understanding what it is that predators like Hillary Rodham Clinton truly are. Our conception of these predators, how they think about our consensus reality, and then how they project false-worldviews of it upon us as individuals, and upon our whole world of shared-experience, is contorted and wholly obfuscated by the Control Systems Establishment. Resultantly, we have likewise been led away from understanding what Satanism is, categorically. For, to understand Satanism is to understand the human consciousness, its intimate relationship with all other conscious entities who share our specific space and time and the consensus reality we, together, dream into our shared experience. To understand consciousness is not only to become immune to its predation, but it is also to profoundly reveal, to the inner eye of the mind, these previously unseen human free-will-and consciousness-eating vampiric predators, for who and what they are, plainly, as they walk among us openly in the open light of day. We, at first, do not see these monsters, only because it is they who constructed the upside-down perception of our reality, whose sickness we have been purposefully cultivated to think is normal and natural. The Control Systems sensorium, which is grown over our rightful tool of government, equates to an incredibly vivid and seductive false-reality. It is a control-based external reality entirely composed of our ignorance of consciousness. These predators rely upon our naivete for their existence; it is what they eat to ensure their continuation in time within our minds and within the minds of our children. However, the false-perception of the Illusion of External Authority’s evil dominion over humanity is an illusory artifice and deceitful psychological stratagem whose only reality is the reality to which we give it. So, to ensure its survival by convincing us of its existence, this Illusion must take from us our understanding of ourselves. It is this very act of deception and theft, (within a twisted ideology wholly based upon robbery and the broken and insatiable desire to execute it), that characterizes what modern Satanism is now, and has been for the entirety of human history.

Hillary Clinton’s unrivaled dishonesty, her abysmal selfishness, her boundless hedonism, her lack of care, her absolute absence of concern for human Free-will and Consent, her intensely blind appeal to the Lefts relativistic and illusory social constructions, her avid participation in the form and implementation of the Control System, and her perception and propagation of Truth as a personal and self-aggrandizing relativity, forever implicitly align her with the anti-human ideology of Collectivism. This most diabolical anti-philosophy fully characterizes the most primal, authentic, and ancient understanding of Evil. Collectivism, and the selfishness that it unavoidably begets within the human consciousness and its larger fractal of society, authentically characterizes the genuine meaning and description of Satanism.


Satan is, in truth, not a god or a fallen angel. Not to the mind of history, not even to the Bible itself. There is, unquestionably, no existing Devil in ancient Isreal's worldview. The word Satan was applied to the metaphor of the serpent in the garden, long after the Bible was written. The concept of Satan as an independent source of Evil would have made no sense to the Old Testament’s original authors. This misrepresentation of an externally-based Evil completely destroys the Bible's primary intention and meaning. This interpretation simply equates to an individual consciousness baneful denial of Personal Responsibility and its innate conscious being. The central message of the Bible is that Evil can only ever possibly lie within our sovereign individual minds; and not externally within the collective of society. And, as such, Evil is solely an ineludible outgrowth of our Free-will, volition, and self-awareness. Evil is, exclusively and inescapably, but a consequence of our inherent, God-given, Free-will, Personal Responsibility, and Choice. Evil is the consequence of a species rise from the automated Care of Instinct, into the world of self-awareness and Conscious Choice. The words "God," "Time," "Consciousness," and "Evolution" exist in unity as exact synonyms which, together, wholly define Objective Truth; the very objective reality to which the evil of Collectivism exists in fearful and eternal opposition.

The misapprehension that Evil is societal, and not resultant from the poor choices of an internally imbalanced consciousness, is the hallmark of the infection of Collectivism's contamination within personal individuated consciousness. Therefore, those who fall for this Collectivistic lie, cannot ever again focus on the development of their Self, their moral character, or their understanding of Objective Truth. All the focus of Conscious Thought, Emotion, and Action, within these poor minds who have been taken by the secular psychological hand of Satanism, then becomes wholly externally driven by the Control System's lust for radical social revolution and change. Change in the direction of Totalitarianism, and its consolidation of Power, wealth, and Control. Change that avails the Control System and the elites who drive it; while devouring humanity and its ancient heart of reason and Care.

The ancient Hebrew biblical authors were not aware of the representation of a cloven-footed, reptile-human-hybrid caricature. Satan is not a personal pronoun. Satan misperceived as this confusion obfuscates, to the consciousness of the masses, the true and authentic meaning and origin of Moral Evil. In this way, Evil is misrepresented and misperceived to exist, not within our inner-mind as a product of the Free-will-based volition of our conscious Choices, but instead outwardly, as a superficial collectivistic quality of society that is personified by the externally residing and physically existing Devil, himself. Subsequently and specifically, Evil is re-envisioned by the Control Systems offensive Establishment-Hydra, as being based upon narcissistic, collectivistic, wholly non-individualistic, superficial, and racist, tribe-based self-identifications. Not, the individual conscious Choice and Personal Responsibility that lies inescapably within every self-aware, conscious, and caring individual. Evil, in the blind eyes of the Control System, is but a relativistic mirage within the collectivistic fantasy of External Authority, and the Control Systems absurd and factless web of utterly false, violent, and contrived social constructions. Simultaneously, this purposefully cultivated and externally misplaced perception of Evil is used as a psychological weapon by those who profoundly understand its relationship to consciousness, upon the oblivious masses, who do not.

Those unseen psychotic elites at the apex of the Hierarchical Pyramid of Control who hold high knowledge of mass and individual consciousness, (as well as their all too familiar foolish and controlled political establishment mouthpieces, like Hillary Rodham Clinton-who they puppet), denounce and demonize as baselessly Evil, whole external groups of innocent human beings, blindly, and profoundly deceptively. The Control Systems war against human consciousness is waged in the name of its own self-empowerment and growth, our society's cultural regression, and the utter enslavement of its individual, constructive, unitary consciousnesses to its Great Collectivistic Deception. All that opposes our unity, our free-will, our consent, our creativity, and our inherent humanity benefits their Satanic Control System, greatly. Satan is, in fact, a verb, not a dude. The ancient Greek word we translate as "Satan" etymologically corresponds to the destruction of human Free-will, self-awareness, Conscious Choice, and the corresponding state of Control that ensues in our external consensus reality in the aftermath of the demise of these ineludible universal qualities of human consciousness. Satanism comports to the descent backward in time and in evolution, to the Limbic animal mind, and out of the World defined by Choice and self-awareness. Animals are controllable; Free will and creativity... are NOT.


Evil is merely an ineludible aspect of our human Neocortex's evolution from the automatic and choiceless realm of instinct, into the boundaryless field of Free-will and self-awareness. Without the capacity to mistakenly choose an action that can harm the Self or other co-creative beings in our consensus reality, we do not honestly possess the volition of Free-will and Conscious Choice. Due to the inescapable truth that Evil is an aspect of Free-will and internal Conscious Choice, its error can only ever result from an internal fundamental psychological imbalance which directly distorts personal volition. This perversion of individual Conscious Balance and, therefore, Choice, occurs through the distortion of Cognitive Dissonance (either from internal or external forces) of the Self, Personal Responsibility, Truth, Morality, Love, and Care. Evil cannot ever subsist as a relativistic quality existing as an outer collectivistic aspect of the Control Systems false constructions. Evil equates to the psychological state of spiritual loss within the internal battle for the fundamental harmony that reveals to our minds inner eye, the Objective Truth necessary to distinguish Right from Wrong action. The Bibles authors were merely warning of Collectivism, and the danger to consensus reality it represents.

Collectivism is a misapprehension of one's incarnation. This inner-personal, secular, and rational mistake, destroys the individual's innate balanced human consciousness; devours its free-will and consent; and grows within it hedonism, nihilism, and selfishness. Once these psychological wounds are created and opened, so are the Collectivist's oblivious mental arms to embrace the Control System's neverending mental-programming of false information and academic indoctrination. Collectivism invokes deep within the individual, as well as its larger fractal of the society, the ignorant and narcissistic worship of materialism, physicality, the inner subjective Illusion of External Authority, and the external artificiality of the Control System itself. This Satanic Control System, rendered from this impossible hallucination, casts the human Free-will-eating disease of Solipsism out into our culture, as it indoctrinates our children with the violence of the wicked Left-wing establishment. The Left-wing Establishment is, unquestionably, the Satanic Control System's worldwide vector of the synthetic, anti-human, Truth, Morality, and Free-will consuming mental viruses of Solipsism and Nihilism. These philosophical mistakes vainly proclaim misapprehensions of consensus reality which attempt to justify Socialism and Collectivism. The protective barrier of self-ignorance, which Solipsism produces within the individual, erects a shielding firewall of Nihilism between the sleeping masses and those unseen Satanic Elites who, in karmic error, believe they own them.


The ancient Hebrew verb that we translate as "Satan" means: "To Oppose." Specifically, the terminology means to oppose the balance of human consciousness and therefore, invariably, to oppose the greater fractal of the societal balance within our consensus reality. "Satan" was, long before the existence of the Bible, a word used to describe the cognitive state of fundamental imbalance that occurs when ones primary forces of consciousness (one's Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions) divide and then war against themselves. The resultant "Cognitive Dissonance" from this internal battle, represents the inherent internal oppositional force within both the individual, as well as inside the consensus reality that the masses, together, engender and experience. This force corresponds to the exact and precise definition of Satan, as well as the Cognitive Dissonance he personifies.

When our Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions exist in this ununified condition of internal conflict, our inner moral-compass redirects itself, by default, to the relativistic artificial moral-compass of the External Collectivistic Control System and the will of the State. This Cognitive Dissonance, which characterizes the inner war among ones inner generative qualities of consciousness, is the catalyst for the internal moral confusion which results in the annihilation of ones free-will, Choice, and Consent. A confusion which resolutely diverts the inherent and inborn inner authority, once blazing within the individual, "outwardly" to the fully internal hallucination of External Authority, and its physical shadow of violence, fraud, and robbery in consensus reality, that we experience as the Control System. This psychological imbalance is solely derived from one's ignorance of the intimate relationships and interconnections that one's own consciousness has to external reality, each other, and all human experience.

While lost in the confused mental condition of Cognitive Dissonance, an individual holds two contradictory beliefs or ideas in its mind, simultaneously. The derailment of one's inherent balance of consciousness, which this internal battle between one's Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions incites invariably, leaves the individual wholly vulnerable to the deep internal psychological Illusion of External Authority. While trapped in this mental state of internal war, the innate ability to decern the difference between Right versus Wrong action (based on the universal principles and utter realities of Love, Reason, Consent, Personal Responsibility, and Care), is artificially perverted, derailed, and violated. Objective Truth and internal Moral Choice become inwardly unascertainable by this now broken and inwardly imbalanced individual. In the aftermath of the psychological distortion inflicted by the Cognitive Dissonance, which is exacted by this original, psychological, and secular definition of Satan's hand in consensus reality, the lost masses fall into Solipsism. As Solipsists, they descend into the utter and profound denial of the aforementioned axiomatic universal qualities of Objective Truth, Free-will, human Consent, Personal Responsibility, Facts, Reason, Evidence, and Care. So, therefore, ever after, these a priori and axiomatic universal attributes of existence are quickly misperceived as relativistic external possessions, imaginary properties, and contrived relativistic manipulated possessions of the Control System. Qualities innately beneficial, now, not to humanity, Truth, and Nature, but, instead, to the creation, within the mind of mankind, of the internal disease of the free-will devouring Illusion of External Authority. From this soul-eating hallucination, that is contrived externally into consensus reality, individual by individual; the abysmally selfish Elites genuinely Satanic artificial Control System is rendered into our collective dream of Earth.

Cognitive Dissonance describes and catalyzes this carefully procured self-ignorance and internal chaos, which also flawlessly expresses the goal of the Control System and its artificially propagated Establishment. A goal that, as you can now plainly see, is wholly defined and characterized by this original and genuine Collectivistic definition of Satanism, which I have been describing. Cognitive Dissonance is the signature of the virus of human consciousness which overtly evidences itself within every institution, as it touches each individual mind of the domesticated human race, beginning while we are still wet from the womb. It is the malicious intent against our ineludible individual human sovereignty, which we recognize as the form of our modern culture. Our Control System's establishment imposes a perception of reality that equates to an invisible weaponized prison. A prison, enduring within, that feeds upon our inner human free will and consent, as it regresses our species into a deep state of external Control.


The Control System's sole intention and purpose is to devolve the Free-will of our human Neocortex backward in time, unnaturally, to the previous controllable animalistic state of limited Choice. Once an individual's inherent volition of Choice is replaced by the "artificial instinct" of the Control System, its sovereignty and progress of conscious evolution is permanently lost to the heart of the Self, of nature, and of all consensus reality. The meaning of both its individual incarnation, as well as its significance within the higher-dimensional species body whose evolution it was born to contribute its lifetime, is forever obscured and forgotten. These selfish Wizards actuate the entire illusion of External Authority via the violation of the sanctity of human consciousness. These despicable and unnamed Wizards, whom this technocratic oligarchy of our contemporary Oz represents, are in no way, Solipsistic nihilists. These elite dark occultists fully understand the nature of both human individual, and mass societal consciousness. Occult knowledge (which simply means hidden knowledge) contains the understanding of both human individual and societal-mind. This ancient knowledge is neither Good or Bad; it is just a tool whose intent is determined by the user. It can be used to free and evolve as easily as it can be used to enslave and regress the individual consciousness and the higher fractal of its society.

However, it is the Nihilism, meaninglessness, and hopelessness of the spiritual disease of Solipsism which the selfish elite Controllers decide to project upon the masses. Solipsism equates to a dark inundation whose sole intention is to enslave the population deeply inside the Illusion of External Authority and the deliberately composed, vacant, and spiritually-disenfranchising worldviews of the Control System's Left-wing Establishment. These selfish elites, who manage and operate the Control System, as well as the beaming and smiling political puppets inside of it who we see on the television, purposefully construct into our psyches their own selfish fantasy of our personal subjugation and utter enslavement to them and to their structure of lies. The truly satanic construction of the artificial Control System is built within the internal void where our innate human Free-will once, or, at least, was once intended to, shine like the light of the sun. Through the collectivistic deceptions of the Illusion of External Authority, we have, longer than we can ever know, existed as a captive species, living within a profoundly kept, utterly upside-down, and wholly imprisoned civilization.

Once human free-will and choice are deflected externally, the darkness that wishes to engineer and control society has full-reign to redesign and reconfigure the individual, humanity, and existence itself, into a perpetually self-serving artifice of its own creation. It can then, by way of those whose Free-will and Consent has already fallen to it, evolve and project its soulless hallucination of the Control System into all the human beings of consensus reality with violence, manipulation, indoctrination, mind-control, heart-control, and lies. This world of enslavement perfectly illustrates the Satanic modus operandi of the lifeless higher-dimensional technological creature of the artificial illusory Control System. A beast divined and characterized by a continuing family-line of elite psychopath oligarchs (and the historical and systemic societal momentum which they have created)...who, since the beginning of human civilization's history, have practiced the authentic form of the pre-Christian-Old-World-Religion of dark Saturnic Satanism. Satanism corresponds to the negative aspect of the technological force of societal consciousness organization and creation, which was used to conceive Civilization from the mind of the Homo sapien, via the constraint of its natural psychology, creativity, free will, and consent. In this Controlled Society, the masses, now imbalanced and entirely broken within, are confined under flags and into groups of far larger populations than Mother Nature's plan intended. If these societal structures are composed to benefit the population they exist as rational tools of government; when they benefit the system of control itself...the structure expands as a Control System. Ever after, while the species is confined inside such a psychological prison, future populations are born into their own mental cages as the domesticated and subjugated possessions of selfish Kings, Priests, and War-lords.

Collectivism was the weapon of deception and subjugation wielded early, primarily with the mass manipulation methodologies that can be symbolized by the Cross and the Crown, to construct from the naturally evolving survival advantage of human beings living together in groups, an overwrought artificial kingdom of predatory psychological deception. A Kingdom derived from the human conscious and physical energy of hallucinating, deluded, fearful, controllable, enslaved State-subjects. A cacophony of internally imbalanced and dethroned consciousnesses; as well as the world of suffering which they, externally and inevitably, create. Lost consciousnesses who solely exist to feed the King the minds, bodies, and spirits that they, themselves, have denied. The Illusion of External Authority usurps our Free will, then uses it as its energy and subsistence to evolve (within our consciousnesses) its fantasy of the anti-human Control Systems hall of mirrors. We as children, birth into this consensus reality as subjects which we know as ourselves, by older subjects that we call our parents. Parents who long ago were, themselves, also entirely enslaved by the same artificial and evil lie of Collectivism, and its oppressive physical shadow we know as the Control System, which subverts all human Souls.


The Establishment-cultivated psychological hallucination of External Authority is the defining element of all ideologies created to worship, empower, and expand the Control System. This impossible personal displacement of the human Free-will (which was permanently graced upon the human race by time and evolution in the form of the Neocortex), is at the very heart of the lie of Collectivism. As such, it is also, most indubitably, the heart of both non-nonsensical and violent political vehicles intended for mining the entirety of human wealth, energy, and abundance from our species, for the elite psychopaths who believe they own humanity: Communism and Socialism. Collectivism is the ideological world-view-poisoning used by the Establishment Empire to convert intrinsic human free-will into fuel for growing the size and scope of its insinuation into the fabric of consensus reality Earth.

Collectivism (or as we can now see clearly...Satanism) defines the unavoidable internal Cognitive Dissonance that is created by the impossible diversion of the internal moral compass of the Self, externally, to the artificial moral compass of the Control System. In this confused and disordered mental state, this now rudderless, broken, choiceless, consentless, and amoral mind can then do nothing but extend outward, to render in fear and outrage, the internal hallucination of the Illusion of External Authority's violent, anti-human, self-worshipping dystopian dreams. Dreams cast within its now imaginationless and regressed human Neocortex. Dreams projected endlessly and incessantly within the empty and Solipsistic skull of the purposefully broken-mind. Dreams of external Control that have been grown directly over the top of "we the peoples" original tool of government. Dreams that are insinuated into the psyches of the young so early in life, and so deep within, that they become entirely systemic and unravelable. This internal imbalance and opposition represent the ultimate multiplier of cognitive dissonance that diverts Choice as it generates an inner state of mental chaos. As each individual internal state of consciousness collapses and then redirects externally, a mirrored outlying State of enslavement and control engenders within our external consensus reality, incrementally, through each fallen soul.

A profound internal state of chaos arises due to the psychological pain and inevitable suffering, which existing in moral opposition to your own innate inner Self and living in the utter denial of Truth, produces. The inner world of one's psyche, as well as the external world of one's consensus reality, inevitably burns in the chaos of Moral relativity, deception, fear, and hysterical outrage, as this suffering extends outward into our shared consensus experience. This dissolution of the individual's seat of authority, as well as its inner moral-compass, results in an internal confusion that when expanded out to the whole of civilization, razes its foundations to the ground. The obfuscation and denial of Free-will and Self-ownership represent the descent backward in human evolution, away from the light of the Neocortex, and then back into the controllable and automated mind of the animal. Satanism and Collectivism are, ultimately, synonyms. Solipsism, Selfishness, Narcissism, And Truthlessness, compose the evolution-nullifying shadow of Collectivism, as it casts its depraved illusion upon the higher-dimensional species-mind of mankind. This internally actualized internal moral confusion, as well as the resulting external turmoil it fundamentally begets, defines the mental imbalance and its resultant Choices and Actions, which we recognize, rationally, as the very concept of Moral Evil. Collectivism and Satanism are the ancient psychological technologies utilized by Controllers to purposefully cultivate into the individual minds of the masses, the denial of the ineludible fact that our human Free-will and Choice, can only ever possibly be seated within. 

Leftism is a representation of Collectivism, and Collectivism is wholly indistinguishable from Satanism. This fact does not at all make Leftists inwardly evil. Most all are merely default humans who are obliviously living out their days under the disenfranchising shadow of the mind, heart, and Globalist information-control of a mainstream media, Hollywood, and a compulsory Socialist government education system, from which they have not yet awoken. They are the unseeing, unthinking, default profane masses; the blind building-stock for the Control System. However, the Control System takes even those who can very quickly discern its nothingness, through inundating their experience with the incessant hysteria, smug indignity, and hateful politically-motivated violence of those who cannot. Until they do awaken, these unbegun Solipsistic consciousnesses can dream only with the violently racist and deceptive mind of the internal, yet externally projected apparition of Empire as their own personal upside-down mind and reality. They can only drift through their experiences, as hypnotized, vacant, state-power-driven Solipsistic consumer slaves, who buy, unrelentingly, aggressively, and wholeheartedly, the outrageous anti-human and an utterly violent psychological fiction of the Illusion of External Authority.


The masses overall lack of self-knowledge is the sole constructional reality of the impossible hallucination of the Illusion of External Authority. The power of the Control System has absolutely no physical existence outside of the collapsed Solipsistic minds that have, narcissistically, deeply fallen for its lie. The Solipsistic Leftist has utterly obliterated the concept of Objective Truth and reason within its mental landscape, leaving it with nothing left for thinking. Because the Solipsistic mind knows only the relativistic non-truth of the racist social hierarchy of the Control System, to it, reality, becomes defined by a selfish, vacant, and agonizing drive for power and leverage, using the Control Systems tribally based racist social constructions, against all others in its consensus reality.

The solipsistic Leftist denies all forms of Objective Truth, and its morality is blind and relativistic. Therefore, its entire self-identification with the Illusion of the collectivistic and Satanic Social Construct becomes a mere political tactic for pushing Leftist State-building ideologies, and for virtue signaling narcissist social currencies, to other profoundly lost Solipsists. All social motivations of the morally fallen and "post-truth" Solipsist, revolves around the attempt to selfishly force personal advantage within the ranks of its own inner-mental social-illusion. The Left-wing Establishment's Racist Social Hierarchy is simply a weapon used by the fallen Left-wing Solipsist, to leverage the position of its own DNA based self-identification wedge-group to the top of the Control Systems artificial Social-Pyramid of superficial and tribal falsities. The Solipsistic Leftist has been trained by the racist Control System, which owns its mind and soul, utterly, to wrongly and cruelly debase Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Conservatives and ALL Caucasians (who do not submit to the human Free-will-hungry Control Systems profound historical revisions) as White Supremacists. The Satanic Control System must project the disunity of Cognitive Dissonance within the individual, and in so doing, to its larger fractal of the society, so it can forever secure its violent heresy of power.

The destitute and lost Solipsist's remaining purpose in life becomes only this repugnant Collectivistic and imaginary game. A game which it obsessively plays upon its very Self, and the whole of our loving consensus reality. In so doing, the Solipsist obliviously burns down its Nihilistic inner soul, and then the externality of our civilization, simultaneously. This fallen and post-truth Solipsist decimates our nation with the emotional outrage, violence, and deception, which was procured within it by the Control System, its compulsory Socialist education system, its depraved and deceitful Left-wing pseudo-Academia, and its electronic entheogen which we, unfortunately, know as the television. TV is the despicable drug which the fallen Solipsist plugs into the wall, turns on, and then, forever, loves and worships as its god. Televisions electric window into the Control Systems self-empowering false-world was explicitly programmed for the Solipsist by its Globalist puppeteers, in whose existence it does not even believe. The Solipsist cannot possibly believe in anything but what its owners tell it; and its owners have told it, that they do not exist.

The Control System's Establishment culture is the sole purveyor of the Solipsist's relativistic truth. Objective Truth and Morality, to the Leftist Solipsist, is but a Right-wing conspiracy theory. Objective Truth, as the true enemy of Satanism, to the Solipsist, does not exist. However, do not ever point out to any Solipsistic being the nonsensical circular reasoning that fundamentally grounds their ironically positive truthful-assertation (that forms the whole of its belief system)...or it very well may destroy your career, your reputation, your family, and your life! All thoughts and actions of the fallen Solipsistic animal are in the name of Leftist Social Justice, impossible Collectivistic Socialism, envy, laziness, ineptitude, and in the hope of leveraging this entire radical and anti-human fraud to benefit the only Self that it believes exists in the Universe...its own damn self. "Why the fuck not," thinks the broken, imbalanced, and truthless Solipsist Snowflake Social Justice Warrior, while utterly lost and isolated from reality within its own abysmal ontological mistake. "I am the only one who truly exists. Morality, Truth, and other conscious beings do not..."

...and so the consensus reality expressed fractally and locally as the United States of America, burns with the images of flames. Flames which we all share with vivid and utter consistency inside each of our individual minds. It is an astonishing atrocity to witness a Solipsistic being who believes that it is alone in the universe of its perceptions, simultaneously, obsessively endeavor to define themselves by its superficial DNA-based tribal relationship; and this abstract simplification's imaginary external connection to the Illusion of External Authority's racist social hierarchy. This logical fallacy is an irrationality that spits in the face of metaphysics, ontology, reason, logic, and the Universe itself. The tribalism of the Left is a worldview that, historically and inevitably, leads only to World War. War comports to another cherished sacrificial activity of the Satanic elites, to this blatant fact, their very own cultivated army of Solipsists is purposely and utterly blind.

Solipsism is the reciprocal of Satanism. As the elite Satanist Controllers project Solipsism into all aspects of our culture, its viral disease of Truth and Self-denial reflects within the vulnerable among the population. To a degree...nobody ever entirely escapes this disease. The Cognitive Dissonance, which is its vector, is unconditionally unavoidable in our domesticated state of modernity. However, it is our birthright and purpose to resist self-denial and Collectivistic thinking, no matter how prevalent the infection within our experience. When the internal state of imbalance between one's Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions devolves to a degree where the internal moral-compass is diverted, and the Illusion of External Authority overshadows Free-will, Solipsism becomes the minds operating system, in total. Solipsism is the ironical and lonely relativistic-prison of a fallen individual mind; a mind that believes in nothing but the Self and it subjective perceptions. Alone in a nihilistic universe of its own projections, yet wholly distracted by the collective which they entirely misunderstand as a mere aspect of their eternally lonely perceptions. To the Solipsist, there breathes only the Self, its hallucination of Empire, and its phantasmal shadow of collectivistic apparitions, cognized statistically, solely as vacant social constructions.

To the Solipsist, there is no truth, no morality, no good, no evil, no right, and no wrong. The Solipsist is utterly alone in a mind crowded with only the abstract interrelations of statistical beings, their racist value-texture of tribal relations, and these relations order of worth within the prejudiced and divisive hierarchical pyramid of the anti-human Establishment. This skin-color-obsessed Control System creation is pitting everyone against everyone, in the neverending effort to gain control through our disunity, the destruction of our traditions, all the globes cultures, and the depraved consumption of all the inherent axiomatic universal qualities which make us most human. All external beings, to the Solipsistic lost soul, are only statistical dreams. Objective Truth is, to this prisoner of lies, yet just another lie. Solipsism is a binary star system containing the impossible collectivistic dream of ONE, and the Illusion of External Authority as its center of gravity and its false god. The Solipsist, who only believes in the reality of its Self and of its perceptions, ludicrously, at the same time, does not believe in the reality of human free-will and consent. This fact further defines the impossible paradox of the slave.


Without internal recognition of the reality of our interconnection, the natural intrinsic human Care we were born holding in our hearts for all other beings is lost to the nihilistic abyss of the internal Illusion of External Authority. With the internal moral compass destroyed by the delusion of Solipsism, nothing remains but the moral compass of the State. A morality to which the Solipsist of Empire had better obey, only because it notices that its internal projections get very dicey when it does not. Suffering, legal, internal, and social, increases enormously when the States artificial morality is not observed. To an internal monetary system that runs on virtue-signaling, this is profoundly devastating. The fatal error of replacing the innate moral compass with the Empires concoction, allows the Illusion of External Authority to run rampant over the soul of mankind, as the illusions insinuation possesses all individual human Choice and destiny.

Sadly, as vulnerable prey, solipsistic lesser-leftists become indistinguishable from the abysmal darkness and violence of the very Satanic primary predatorial social-engineers that had, long ago, diverted them from their original incarnate Selves and their prospects of true adulthood and Personal Responsibility. These poor innocents have such high rates of gullibility, blind trust in authority, and utter lack of Care, which wholly stems from a lifetime of compulsory education and self-identification with the lies of the Establishment, that they have set our consensus reality fully ablaze with outrage and suffering. They are purposely, intentionally, yet unknowingly, destroying both their inherent internal balance, the external stability of the entirety of society, as well as the care-based consensus reality in which they live and co-create.


The Primary Social Engineers, of course, extend into both parties and above. This false dichotomy, consisting of the political theater of establishment Democrats and Republicans, is the game that the Controllers have played upon the sleeping minds of American voters for decades. In truth, all Leftist Ideology can be reduced to the will to grow the Government beyond the tool for the preservation of our freedoms in which it was intended by our nations founding fathers. The mere intention of superimposing a Control System over our original Natural Law-based tool of government is an act of revolution. It is not a coincidence that the tactics of the Left are wholly described by the political and societal deconstruction methodologies of Cultural Marxism (Postmodernism), Identity Politics, race-baiting, violence, and political deception. Republicans in our government, if they act to expand the size and scope of the Control System by twisting the Truth of our consensus world with Globalist fake news, false information, false-flag operations, contrived social hysteria, mass-indoctrination, and by leveraging innocent children and minority groups as tools, then they are also very much radical, selfish, power-hungry Satanic-Solipsistic-Leftists. Republicans who work to expand the size and power of government and, with the Democrats, vie for Globalism, are not the Republicans who freed the slaves from Southern Democrats. These "Republicans" are merely Collectivistic Leftists disguised as constitutionalists who spread waves of deception upon the population, to selfishly grow the Control System into which they have intertwined their own souls. They are broken puppets in the body of the Illusory Control System who are not working for we the people of the United States of America, they are, instead, working together across party lines, only to put greater and greater power into fewer and fewer hands. This fact is the Heart of the centralized power of all Leftist Ideology. Globalism comports to the modern incarnation of the Control Systems dream of world-wide Satanism. The depraved Leftist infection extends, most indubitably, to both sides of the aisle.


Ultimately, it is our own fault that we have built for ourselves this false-reality. We cannot merely blame the dark ones within the Control System who believe they own our bodies, our souls, and the Truth itself. We are not SOLD lies and false axioms about the nature of ourselves and the consensus reality we, together, share. No. Instead, we BUY them. The Truth exists, and, as beings of Reality, it belongs to us. It is our own fault alone for not accepting it. This fact characterizes the inescapable nature of Free-will. We inescapably own our own consciousnesses. The United States of America was established upon the recognition of this ineludible reality. Our Nation's founding fathers vision of America was not that of a State which enslaves its own population with deceit and control; it was that of a sovereign government, owned by its citizens, and wholly created as a tool to ensure their freedom, sovereignty, and prosperity. Our Nation's forefathers unquestionably understood that its people, to remain free, must have a legitimate say in their government. They comprehended that its legitimate power is derived solely from the people themselves. The most significant way in which the population can exercise this inalienable right is through the process of free and open elections.

In 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton utterly perverted this long-sacred national process when she openly stole the primaries from Bernie Sanders. The DNC, which Clinton had purchased, had no intention of treating Sanders fairly. Then, when she lost the general election to Donald Trump, she rejected the outcome like an adolescent spoiled brat. After her loss, the childish Hillary Clinton fell so far into an irresponsible drunken rage, that she was unwilling (or unable) to give a concession speech to her supporters and staff. She, as well as the hapless Establishment-animated liberal television-junkies who were utterly confused by the Globalist Mainstream Medias HRC-slanted false pre-polling, still violently and aggressively refutes the 2016 presidential election results to this day. The Control System (and the blind controlled Solipsists who animate and worship it with their fallen Free-will), cannot accept or believe that the population would awaken from the illusion and vote for their freedom, and, at last, against their enslavement.

As a once Chosen lower puppet in this elite Establishment-Hydras body, Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton indeed leverages her power for selfish gain and control over others, as she devours and distorts Truth, Care, Free-will, Morality, and Consent. The United States of America was given a second chance for survival when the fallen Hillary Clinton lost the general election her party attempted to steal with deception. This consensus reality, of which we all lovingly co-create, frowns heavily upon the intentional diversion of human Free-will, Consent, and consciousness. The anti-human Collectivistic Satanists who use HRC as their marionette, cannot steal, from us, our consensus reality. It is not possible. Their image of the world is devoid of truth. The collectivistic illusion of Satanism cannot ever win against Natural Law, Human Free-will, and the United States of America. The Collectivism of Solipsism-spewing Satanism is a deep psychological illusion; Objective Truth, Morality, human consciousness and life's loving connection, are not.

In truth, consensus reality, of which we all co-create with our existence, frowns heavily upon the intentional selfish diversion of human Free-will, consent, and consciousness. The anti-human Collectivistic Satanists, who use HRC as their political marionette, cannot steal from us our consensus reality any more than they can steal from us our dreams at night. However, they can, and do, influence both of these mental realities, profoundly, and utterly negatively. The infection of Solipsism upon all of us, to whatever degree exists inside us, is the scar of the Control System upon our consciousnesses. Their image of the world has no truth. The collectivistic illusion of Satanism cannot ever win. It is not real.

No human being in contemporary human history more adequately epitomizes and characterizes the damage and conceit of Collectivism than Hillary Clinton. Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton intended to dismantle the final roadblocks to the Collectivistic mistake of worldwide Socialist Globalist Control, as she set our nation on fire with the contrived Leftist hate of cultural Marxism and its purposeful flames of social division. HRC and her elite Elite puppeteers made every effort to steal our country, our population, our inherent Freewill, our Consent, and our human freedoms. The last obstacles to Leftist Globalism are the individual soul, consensus reality, and the United States of America. Hillary Clinton has worked in dire, reckless, and irresponsible Opposition to the original charter of our nation and the nature of humanity for the whole of her time in the public eye. Regardless of the verity of claims made based on the very suspicious information released by Wikileaks, there is unquestionably no plausible doubt that the Collectivistic demon of Hillary Rodham Clinton IS WITH SATAN!

"Only the small secrets need to be protected. The large ones are kept secret by public incredulity."
- Marshall McLuhan


[It is the universal responsibility for any conscious being who has birthed into the body of an animal whose species has risen from the Loving balance of Nature's Instinct and into the realm of Free-will and awareness, to take upon this once automatic and instinctual Care for the Self and its consensus reality, personally. With objective Truth and the intrinsic Care for all other beings as guides, we come to Life, as evolved consciousnesses, to inwardly understand that we own our own minds, and to know for the Self, internally, the difference between Right and Wrong action. This spiritual protocol is exactly the same, no matter what possible era in time, or what conceivable location in our consensus reality, in which we feel our feet touch the ground. It matters not what the shape of society, nor even the face of the Control System's illusion, which we could possibly encounter and observe. In any possible era of human history in which the human being can find itself born, there exist two qualities of reality to contend with; the Illusion of External Authority, and You. More specifically, we are born with the task of choosing between two possibilities; the acceptance, or, the non-acceptance, of our self-ownership, inherent human Free-will, and Personal Responsibility.

The Illusion of External Authority is the angel, grounded so deep within us, that it appears to exist, externally, as the whole of our existence, which owns us. A beast, with only our very own eyes to see us, who unceasingly teaches, using the negative reinforcement of our own suffering, that we can never escape our Free-will. No matter what iteration of the external hallucination's form and structure within the consensus reality in which we may find our Self; Only We, Alone, Can Own Our Selves. The Illusion of External Authority instructs this by showing us, intimately, the suffering that our mind's internal balance reflects upon our personal experience, as well as the whole of our external reality, that unfolds if this one unavoidable fact is denied. We come to Earth to learn this ultimate truth of existence, deep within the ineffable essential fabric of our souls.

It is our eternal responsibility to evolve the quality of our inner-being towards Objective Truth, Morality, Personal Responsibility, and Care, for the sake of our personal stability and conscious evolution. We are karmically obligated by the mind of the Universe, which is merely but us as well, to expand and develop ourselves towards Truth for the evolution, stability, and balance of our society, as well as for the progression of the entire higher-being of humanity. This body exists not just here and now, but also now in the future, as future expressions of the consensus worlds of Earth. These probable future expressions of time, we today steer and build with our moral Choices, for the arrival of our Selves in the future, as the ever-continuing body of mankind.]


The tri-blend fabric creates a vintage, fitted look. And extreme durability makes this t-shirt withstand repeated washings and still remain super comfortable.

• Tri-blend construction (50% polyester/25% combed ring-spun cotton/25% rayon)
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