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 DEPLORABLE ABE LINCOLN JOLLY RODGER- All-Over Printed T-Shirt: The Republican Party rose into existence as the Anti-Slavery Party with the intention of ending the spread of the Southern Democratic model of slavery, as well as the spread of the female captivity of polygamy, into the new western territory. The Republican's long-term objective was to abolish both slavery and polygamy in the United States entirely. Following the example of the United States of America, slavery was abolished in Western Civilization forever.

The endeavor by Hillary Rodham Clinton and the fallen Democratic Party to characterize Republican voters as "Deplorable" was as shameful as it was historically nonsensical. What resounds as genuinely deplorable is the Left's everlasting effort to portray Trump voters as racist white supremacists. This blatant lie is further damnatory evidence that the Left has no political argument or morality. The Left has nowhere to run, intellectually, morally, politically, or philosophically. The over 100 million deaths due to the murder and inefficiency of Socialism and Communism last century has made this reality imminently clear. Therefore, the only possible strategy for the Left is incessant deception and compulsory indoctrination beginning at a very young age that favors the growth of state power, socialism, and Globalism while atrophying the inherent and constitutional free-will of the individual. We are taught by the Left to love our enslavement and to disavow the sovereignty of both the Individual and its larger fractal, the Nation. The Left rationalizes its undying will to grow state power and size based upon the abject fear created by projecting the abominable lie that Human Nature is Evil. This lie is the most depraved and destructive deceit possible to rise within one's consciousness. It is a lie that destroys the whole objective moral fabric of human reality while leaving only the false and relativistic morality of the State. Because the Left has no ethical or rational standards of its own, it can very quickly hurl insults, disinformation, and false axioms into the empty void where their broken ideology's social-argument should reside as they use our morality and standards against us.

The Democrats defended Slavery, started the Civil War, opposed the Reconstruction, founded the Ku Klux Clan, imposed segregation, perpetuated lynching, and fought against the Civil Rights Acts of the 1950s and 60s, as they legislated into existence American inner-city welfare prisons nationwide. Today the Left is attempting to dissolve and mentally imprison the whole of Western Culture with the compulsory language of Political Correctness, the imposition of a racist skin-color-based false hierarchy of Identity Politics, and the forced immigration from less-evolved non-compatible cultures who already view the state as parent and Western culture as enemy. The loathsome Democratic Party continuously project upon their political enemies their own corruption.

To understand who the political enemies of the Left indeed are, is to simultaneously understand what the Left truly is. The United States of America is the enemy of the Left; so they divide America. The family unit is the enemy of the Left; so they divide men and women from one another and their children. The Caucasians who created Western Civilization are the enemies of the Left: so they must be demonized, slandered, persecuted, lessened in number, and divided. Men are enemy of the Left: as such they must be vilified, ignored, and made disposable. Christianity is the enemy of the left: because the doctrine of moral relativity, theft, the destruction of objective truth, abysmal Nihilism, and the State's Control System are their true Gods. The most significant enemy of the Left, however, is the balanced human consciousness. Consequently, as children, we are taught to deny our individual free-will and internal engine of choice as we are encouraged to worship the illusory external will of Empire. To leverage the opposition within consciousness they have created, the Left is engaged in an eternal informational war against Logic, Evidence, Reason, Facts, as well as the events of History as they actually occurred. The Left perpetually recreates Human History into a visage that supports its lust for power while burying the reality of human consciousness and freedom. For the Left, this is the meaning of progress. For the Left, reality merely is a theater in which we are all meaningless extras of the social construct.

Leftism is Denial. It is the denial of Biological and empirical reality. It is the denial of Natural Law Principles (that include the non-violence principle and the golden rule). It is the denial of the care and humility that informs every being to not thirst for power over other beings. It is the denial of virtue. It is the denial of morality. It is the denial of compassion. It is the denial of life. It is a denial of self. It is a denial of the universe. It is the denial of Truth. It is the denial of connection. It is the denial of Love. It is a disease foundationally grounded in psychological damage and imbalance: impairment that was done to the consciousness at a very young age by trusted adults at the peak of their state-induced pathology. The Left can only present itself as duplicity and Subterfuge. The Left represents Collectivism. The Left represents Nihilism. The Left represents Solipsism. The Left represents hedonism. The Left represents Selfishness. The Left represents envy. The Left represents the empty soul of Communism. The Left represents the true philosophical meaning of Satanism. The left is a mistake that is as ancient as humankind itself. The Left is the true meaning of DEPLORABLE.

The "Deplorable" label that Hillary Clinton applied to Trump supporters is yet another example of the depths to which the Left will pervert and destroy reality to hide Truth and grow Power while, simultaneously, projecting their own depravity upon their political enemies. For Hillary Clinton to imply that freedom and virtue respecting conservative constitutionalists and Libertarians are "deplorable" was so profoundly absurd that it is now the proud rallying cry of authentic America. The DEPLORABLE LINCOLN JOLLY RODGER is now and forevermore the flag that symbolizes human freedom and the real end of ALL slavery from the scourge of the banal and fallen Left.


This t-shirt is super soft and lightweight. The design is sublimation printed, with vivid colors that pop all-over the shirt!

• 100% polyester
• 4.5 oz (153 g/m2)
• Unisex fit
• Lightweight
• Made in the USA

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