ZOMBIE GEORGE SOROS...GLOBALIST- Framed photo paper poster

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Socialism was the cause of over 100 million deaths last century; Socialism Is Death; Globalism is International Socialism; Globalism is Death.



[I zombified the George Soros seen painted in this video for this piece. The original Soros caricature in the time-lapse video above, "The Fascist Anti-Fascist Super-Fascist," was based upon his 1998 Sixty-Minutes interview, as well as his current beliefs, motivations, and actions. I realize this is a complicated subject. Especially considering that George was a child with little moral development during the time-frame in which he worked with the Nazis. However, the astounding fact that both contemporary reality and this Sixty-Minutes interview exposes very clearly is that George Soros's moral system still has not evolved since childhood...even now, as a old man. Very related and additionally very damning, George Soros is a contemporary Open Borders Corporate Globalist and International Socialist.]

Make a statement in any room with this framed poster printed on high quality paper, with a partly glossy, partly matte finish.

• Alder, semi-hardwood frame
• Black color
• .75” thick
• Acrylite front protector
• Hanging hardware included