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[This illustration was initially done for Greg Carlwood of TheHighersideChats.com and TheHighersideClothing.com. The t-shirt can be purchased here: https://thehighersideclothing.com/shop/mens/baphomet/. Argus Ink will only offer this design as a printed poster.]

The Knights Templar founded one of the first checking systems of deposits and withdraws, complete with time-accrued interest, in the late Dark Ages. It was not a new idea, but the Templar took it continent-wide and made it unfathomably profitable. They devised their system as a practical form of protection from thieves for travelers on route to the Holy Land. With the Templar banking system, travelers could retain value for trade by way of this paper-based checking system without the need to carry the actual currency which merely served as chum in the waters for pirates lurking on the path. This mysterious Catholic military order's primary obligation was to protect these traveling pilgrims from such predators. However, the Knights Templar also partook in the European struggle to secure the Holy Land with their use of brute military force.

The Templar system of deposits, withdrawals, and accrued interest gained for the Knights wealth at such a great rate that they quickly developed power and influence beyond compare. The Knights Templar, ironically also known as the "Poor Knights," had a strict entrance practice for their initiates whereas they donated the sum-total of their wealth and property to the order. Considering that their members were predominately wealthy royal aristocrats, this resulted in an accelerated rate of gain that was additional to their very rapid exponential banking prosperity from usury. In fact, so much wealth was accumulated by the Templar Knights within such a short period of time that their dominant and influential contemporaries became convinced that evil super-natural entities were working within them.  As the order rose to become the most significant and preeminent economic force in Europe, the ire of these newfound jealous and extremely powerful enemies rose against them in unison. Many were Monarchs who, themselves, owed the Templars money. The Pope discovered himself impotent in his ability to reign in the power of the Knights. These European rulers did not yet understand the detriment of usury. It was unsurprising that the Templars were soon found held under accusations of Devil worship hoisted from the very same increasingly estranged worldwide center of power that had created them...the Establishment Empire of the Vatican. 

One would think that a rough and tumble group of blood-thirsty Crusaders would merely laugh such accusations of Devil-worship off as nonsense. However, after their subsequent arrest by King Phillip IV of France on Friday the 13th, 1307 (the origin of the Friday the 13th holiday), many alarming facts began to surface. Under the duress of torture and investigation, it was revealed that this Catholic Christian order seemed to, in truth, actually have a suspicious penchant for the strange pagan ritual worship of dark non-christian gods and other peculiar personal practices that were ardently forbidden by the Holy See. Apparently, found throughout the Knights Templars' preceptories were fresh severed human heads, human skulls, goat skulls, and strange marked bones of all kinds. Further investigation revealed dark ritualistic objects, writings, and drawings. Interrogation uncovered that these ceremonial items were used by the Knights Templar to worship a profane pagan goat-headed hermaphrodite god named Baphomet. The Templars believed the worship of Baphomet would bring them great wealth and wisdom. Perhaps it did. Or perhaps they were just silly men spending entirely way too much time away from their homes, families, and the opposite sex. In interrogation, sodomy and bestiality were also discovered to be an intimate aspect of their new-found dark religious rituals. It is entirely possible, however, that Baphomet and all the related accusations were merely part of an elaborate smear campaign levied upon the Knights Templar by the jealous ruling monarchy and the Vatican. If I were a betting man I would bet on the latter, but, I would not bet very much.  Like most things, the truth is likely a complicated mixture.

After the Knights Templar's dissolution, much of their ritualism and belief became foundationally influential to that of the Freemasons and other of the world's dark secret societies. In this illustration, I tried to represent the entire story of the Knights Templar and its relationship to our contemporary Establishment Control System the best I could within a single image. Two knights bow submissively on a checkerboard floor to the hermaphroditic goat-headed god, Baphomet. Baphomet sits staring at the viewer with it's five blazing animalistic eyes, as the knights kneel submissively at his cloven feet. A frame surrounds the scene which we recognize from the paper currency of the United States of America. Within the frame's composition is the Masonic symbol of King Solomon's Temple's two famous pillars, Jachin and Boaz. This illustration is, in essence, my own contemporary reboot of the original 19th-century conception of Baphomet that was drawn by the occultist and ceremonial magician, Eliphas Levi.


Make a statement in any room with this framed poster printed on high-quality paper, with a partly glossy, partly matte finish.

• Alder, semi-hardwood frame
• Black color
• .75” thick
• Acrylite front protector
• Hanging hardware attached
• Printed in the USA